The idea that there are many people who have it harder than you is pretty bad. I'll tell you the end result of being paralyzed in thinking by corporate livestock.

I can't work anymore. I'm at my limit. It's hard work, isn't it? It's time to take a cheat day.

Your mind and body are more important. work
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I used to work so much that I almost had a breakdown, both physically and mentally.

A harsh work environment like that of a black company really takes a lot of things away from people.

In this issue, I will share my own experience and thoughts.

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I can't work any more... If you feel like you can't work any more... Take a break now! You can even cheat!

I've had it with the harsh working environment! I am speaking to those who feel that they have reached their limit! Please understand that I am not telling you to just take a break and rest, but I am speaking based on my own experience.

Work is hard. Work is not finished.

I can't work any longer mentally or physically.

if one so decidesRest immediately.

Even if your body is fine, if you feel mentally strained, I think it is better to take a break immediately, even if it means taking a cheat day off. (Or, if you are mentally exhausted, your body will suffer as well.)

I also worked too much for a time and felt my mind and body were at their limits, and I had to take a break because I couldn't stop crying.

My body, or rather my mind, was at its limit.

When symptoms appear, it's too late. My friend's words touched my heart.

And I say this much because I really don't think it is someone else's problem.

In detail.
I had a health problem due to overwork (my mind collapsed and I was emotionally unstable). (My heart also collapsed and I was emotionally unstable)

I had always been able to be absent without missing work, but my health started to deteriorate, and gradually I couldn't stop crying, so I talked to a friend about it (the friend had been in the same situation as me before). (She was someone who had been in the same situation as me before.)

And here are the words that came back.

"Take a cheat day off because you're not feeling well. It's more important to stay in shape than to get credit for your work."

He said, "It's better to get sick early, even if it's a temporary illness. If you really start to feel sick and take time off, it's already too late."

The friend was too persuasive because she had been there. (And she did go to the hospital in the end.)

And I was feeling emotionally unstable, so I was quite moved by my friend's words.

And I didn't have the option of cheating or taking time off from work in the first place.

Because in myMissing work = not allowed.That's what I assumed.

Poor physical condition = lack of self-controlI didn't want people to think that.

There is a limit to self-control, but it is natural for working people to be able to do so. I had a strong feeling that I was a scumbag if I couldn't do it.

Health? Do we take the views and evaluations of those around us?

But I thought about it calmly.

Why don't you want to take a break?

I didn't want people to think that I didn't have self-control.

Yes, I think first and foremost about what people around me see and think of me.Your health is of secondary importance.It was.

Now, obviously, we have to put our health first, right? I think.
At that timeEvaluation! Evaluation! Evaluation!

That's all I was thinking about.

Work is all about evaluation. That was my top priority.

The company won't take care of me no matter what happens to me in the future.

I definitely don't want to serve the company and I want to serve to improve my skills.

That's what I thought. I took the stance that everything was for my own good.

But at some point I found myself thinking that it was for the good of the company.

I was not pressured by anyone at the company, in fact, everyone was nice, so maybe I thought it was for the company's sake even more so.

Suppose you serve the company and are unable to work because you have become ill.

What will the company do then?

Will you take care of me? Will you save me to the end because of my mental breakdown? I asked.

If fatigue is the cause of your physical collapse, rest will help you recover.

But mentally, even if you take a break, it takes time.

So my friends kept telling me to take a break early on.

I had always come from a sales background and was physically strong, and I was confident in my health and had never had a serious illness.

So I never thought that deeply about my health or anything like that.

But I worked too hard and many things broke down, and I truly felt that health was important.

It was really, really hard to work while enduring nausea and headaches.

Nothing is good at the expense of health. I strongly felt that way.

The reputation from the company is nothing to brag about to others, even though it will disappear when you leave that company.

There are so, so many people like me who are second-guessing their health. I had friends and peers.

You hear about it on the news sometimes, don't you?

People who are overworked and die from working too hard.
I wish I'd quit before that happened."I think, don't you?

But it's not that simple. Our vision gets narrower and narrower, and that's the only way we can see the solution.

Some people can quit right away, but some people can't quit because of their feelings, and when you work under harsh working conditions, you lose your senses. You lose the sense of wondering, "Am I working too hard? When you work in a harsh working environment, you lose the feeling of wondering, "Am I working too hard?

I can't! Even the timing to say "I can't!" is lost.

People who can't seem to make it there anymore, or who push themselves further.
This is the big fork in the road.I thought.


When the stress is too much and you think, "I'm so tired! I'm so stressed out, I need a break.

It's the mentality that matters: !!!!!!!!

It's a vain thing when you push yourself so hard that you get sick and wonder why you didn't work on yourself more at that time.

I thought that I should not continue to work in a job that requires sacrifice of body and soul.

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