[Actual experience] Summary of disappointing men I met at marriage activity parties. Why would he say or do such a...

Shameful people I've met in my marriage life. Love and Marriage

At the marriage activity parties I have attended so far, some men I thought were "nice" and others I thought "what a disappointing guy.

I would like to talk about one of the most disappointing men I can remember.

I don't mean to sound superior, but I simply want to tell you that there were some unfortunate men who were like, "Oh... what's this guy?

For men who want to be as popular as possible with women, I hope this is just a reference for them to see that this is the kind of man they think is unfortunate. This is a woman's realistic opinion.

Unfortunate man I met at a marriage party.

There are three.

The disappointing man I met at a marriage activity party (1) I'm popular, but what a guy

I think it's normal for a marriage activity to be presented in a way that makes the other person feel as good as possible.

Nothing. I don't mean to be "catty!" or "I prefer a low profile!" I think you should behave in a way that is highly desirable in order to be popular with women. This applies to both men and women.

So far, all the men I have met have had self-introduction cards in their hands, and of course I, as a woman, have talked to them with my card in my hand.

But the guy didn't have a contact card, so he folded his hands andThe type of good-looking man who obviously wouldn't be at a marriage activity party.It was.

I thought, "Oh, you don't have to come here to be popular.

I may be prejudiced or cynical, but I remember that he had an aura of "I'm popular, but...".

I was not very friendly in my replies, and I didn't seem at all enthusiastic about marriage activity. (It could very well be because I was the one she was talking to.)

Do you want to collect contact cards from women? I thought so.

Disappointing man I met at a marriage party (2) A man who gives his contact information to everyone after the event is over

After the party was over, there was a man handing out contact information as if he was handing out numbered tickets.

Why this timing!
No, let's give them that when we're talking.

I thought it was kind of a shame, because even if I got it now at this time, it had a "call me, whoever you are" feel to it.

And it was a comical sight.

Unfortunate man I met at a marriage activity party (3) Dressed in a short-sleeved T-shirt and sandals + elderly person

Oh no... I don't mean to tell you to come here in a suit, but is this some kind of convenience store?

If you are dressed that rough, you will feel a bit discouraged.

Even in that outfit, I was disappointed that at least a casual jacket or denim underneath...I wondered if I could have added one more thing....

Marriage activity is not a way to pass the time.


There are some nice men at marriage parties, and there are some unfortunate men who are not so nice.

In this issue, I talked about disappointing men.

If I meet such a man again, I will add it to this page as needed.