I don't know what work I want to do. Three things I did to find a job I love

I don't know what job I want to do. Thoughts and experiences

I don't know what job I want to do.There are quite a lot of people who say, "I'm not sure I can do that.

There was a time when I too was vaguely wondering, "What kind of work do I want to do?" There was a time when I had a vague idea of what kind of work I wanted to do.

I would like to introduce three things I did at that time to find a job I wanted to do.

Three things I did to find the work I wanted to do

1. Work part-time in a variety of industries.

When I was a student, I wasConscious of the work experience at a part-time job.I was doing it.

Part-time workers can do it when they want to and quit when they want to, which allows them to be exposed to a variety of jobs even in a short period of time. I thought this was one of the privileges of being a part-time worker.

If you feel that it is not a good fit after trying it, you can quit. If you feel that it is a good fit or that you want to master it, you can keep trying because it may be the right job for you.

Especially during my college years, I thought I would experience as many uses as possible because I had plenty of time to spare.

You can do this even after you enter the workforce, but if you want to find a job as a new graduate, I think it's a good idea to have a lot of experience as a university student to get some idea of what you might like about this job. If you want to find a job as a new graduate, I think it is possible to have a good idea of what you might like about this job.

I was always in the customer service business anyway.

  • Family restaurant floor
  • Wedding service staff
  • Catering staff for hotel banquet halls
  • apparel (clothing) salesperson
  • bar clerk
  • Catering staff at a spa restaurant
  • surveyor
  • Family Sale Auxiliary


I enjoyed not only the work experience, but also the more I did various part-time jobs, the more I could expand my friendships.

2. Dispatch for a short period of time.

Even if it is not a part-time job, a one-time registered temp job would be an option.

Thankfully, there are many jobs in the world that are determined to be short term from the beginning.

The period of time is fixed in advance.It saves me the trouble and hassle of saying, "I'm quitting my job.This was easy to do.

I had a short-term temp job in a factory and an office clerical position, but I knew I would never be able to do it, and I was really glad it was short term.

There are many other jobs that can be experienced in a short period of time, such as packaging staff at department stores during peak season, tasting staff, supermarket cashiers, bagging staff at apparel stores, and so on.

I know that in such a short period of time, you can understand what the job is all about, but I think the atmosphere, or the sense of whether you like it or not, is responsive to your needs.

3. Participate in various drinking parties

Attend drinking parties and listen to the stories of people doing various jobs.
I was conscious of doing this as well. (It doesn't have to be a drinking game though)

Well, some people don't want to talk about work because it's a drinking place, so I have to read the atmosphere....

It was stimulating and informative to hear that this is the kind of work they actually do.

Well, it's best to experience it yourself, so this is just one way to gather information.

This is how I found a job that I love to do.

In particular, my part-time work experience made me realize that I truly love the customer service industry, because as I worked at various jobs, the common denominator of the jobs I was choosing was that they were all in the customer service industry.

As a result, I found out that I like to talk to people, and I also found out what I enjoy doing and what kind of environment I can continue to work in. (I think I'm a good person.)


Short-term or one-time placements had a fixed number of days and I felt comfortable.

Since it is short term, what I can know is limited, but I think I can get some idea of the atmosphere.

By the way, my part-time experience led me to the conclusion that I should not become a full-time employee of a restaurant or pub. This is just my case.

There is always something to be gained from working, and I hope that this will help you to choose a career in the future.