I want to quit my job right now! What you should do to avoid regretting quitting with a bang [my own experience].

I want to quit my job right now! and what you should do to avoid regretting quitting in the heat of the moment. Work/Part time Job

In this issue.Risks of leaving a company at a moment's noticeI would like to talk about

I myself, I think it's momentum.I have had the experience of quitting a company with an easy feeling and regretting it immensely.

As a result, theI ended up eating my way through temp work.Preparation is really important.

I want to quit my job right now! I would like to talk about what you should do to avoid regretting quitting on the spur of the moment, based on my own experiences.

It was really hard at the time... lol

It is extremely dangerous to quit a company on the spur of the moment, thinking "I'll find another one before too long" or "I'll be able to manage.

In fact, here's someone who quit right away and went into crisis.

I'm going freelance! and quit with a bang!

Recently, more and more people are choosing to work freely as freelancers, such as bloggers and writers.

I think that in itself is totally fine!

I don't see anything wrong with this in and of itself.Without second thoughts, "I'll make money as soon as I freelance!"It is too risky to quit suddenly thinking that

Even if you have some paid vacation time left or a month or so to spare....

(Unless you have enough money to not have to work for a year)

Because after quittingI hear stories like, "I became a freelancer, but I'm not making any money at all," or "It's not what I thought it would be..." And that's the reality.I think it's a good idea.

(unless you have special skills)

Successful people = I can be like them! It is too dangerous to make the mistake of thinking that

I'll find a job soon! and quit in a hurry pattern.

This is exactly what I experienced.I thought, "I'm sure I'll find a job soon..." and quit my job when I hadn't found a new one and didn't end up finding one.There were times when

As a result, we were able to eat through dispatch.

Seriously, I'm glad I had a short term temporary job.... There's an hourly wage there, and it's a fixed deadline, so it's over in a short period of time.

I'm really glad I had a short term temporary job because I couldn't live on a part time job...

It was a time when I experienced firsthand that a good heart can afford to spend money...

Especially in my case.I had a successful experience when I easily found a new job at my last job, so I got carried away.I guess so.

It was a huge failure.

I thought I would find the next one right away, but I didn't...

Aaah!!!! My life!!!! W!

(By the way, I left that next job after I found the right one.)

Exceptions. This one could quit with a bang.

However, if this is the case, would you be willing to quit with a bang? I thinkExceptionThere are

Exception 1: If your spirit is already at its limit, you should leave the company immediately.

You said it's dangerous to quit so easily.Exceptions.

That's for a variety of reasons.one's ownmentalがやばい場合。







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Exception 2: If you're not worried about money, you can quit with a bang.

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What you should do to avoid regretting quitting at the spur of the moment