The idea that there are many people who have it harder than you is pretty bad. I'll tell you the end result of being paralyzed in thinking by corporate livestock.

The importance of finding someone to talk to. Whether it's a stranger or a friend, let's talk and vent first.

The importance of finding someone to talk to Work/Job Change
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I've been working too hard and it's about time...

What I would like to tell you.

That is, "I want you to vent before you reach your limit.
I want you to find someone you can talk to and vent about your current painful situation. It is very important.

In this issue, I would like to talk about the importance of finding someone to talk to when work becomes difficult, based on my own experience.

Work is hard. Then vent. This is important.

When work is difficult, it is important to talk to others and get your feelings out, preferably before you exceed your limits.

This is because I myself realized this when I was in a difficult working environment.

I couldn't solve the problem by myself, but my strange stubbornness and pride made it difficult for me to confide in others.

But as a result, I became emotionally unstable because I couldn't stop crying during work. I suddenly burst into tears even though nothing was happening, and it was just painful and sad.

I am sure the people around me were surprised.

I took pride in having no absenteeism, but that too collapsed spectacularly.

I wished I had gassed out sooner.

Choose the right person to talk to about your work problems and hard feelings.

When you talk about the difficulties and worries of your job, you shouldBe careful who you talk to.

It is best to avoid people who work in an environment where the other person is too stoic, or who are stoic in character.

Because if they say, "Isn't it that lenient? I have a much harsher working environment.

Then you may think, "I'm not ready yet.... I have to push harder. That is definitely not good.

Even if they are working in a stoic environment, it is fine if they are willing to listen to you, but if the conversation is likely to become preachy, I recommend that you choose someone else.

And if you already want to fundamentally change your work, I think it is a good idea to boldly discuss this with your supervisor, although it is a different nuance from venting. I have done this myself.

There were too many tasks, and I thought I would have a mental breakdown if there were more.

You should think carefully about what you are going to say and to whom you are going to say it. (It is also not good to think about it and not be able to talk about it easily.)

Incidentally, it is better to talk to someone who has changed jobs than to someone who has never changed jobs.

All my friends don't like it.

Here I will tell you about my own experience.

When I used to be a corporate employee, I worked in an environment where the working hours were outrageous, the last train every day, and working on holidays was the norm.

So you complained to your friends because it was too painful.

Then my friends don't like it.What? What is that environment?It was like that.

I was aware that I was in a bad environment, but since most of the employees at my workplace were all working hard, I began to wonder if this was normal.

But after talking to my friends, I realized again that it's still a bad idea.

My hairdresser was a bit of a donkey.

I even told him about it in passing when I went to my favorite hairdresser.

The hairdressing industry may have strict working hours, but such hairdressers were also frightened.
It's black...and....

It's hard to talk about it. If you can't show your weakness, confiding anonymously is one way to do it.

These days, there are a variety of services that allow you to easily consult with us anonymously & free of charge.

For example, the following social networking consultation.

Kokoro no Hot Chat (SNS Consultation) - A Place for Counseling and Dialogue on Mental Health Issues | NPO Tokyo Mental Health Square
You are lonely but have no one to talk to. You are worried but have no one to talk to. Have you ever experienced such a situation? Tokyo Mental Health Square offers free phone counseling, free trial counseling, low-cost counseling, and lecture events for such people.

Actually, I have used them. But not for work, but for advice on other problems.

We discussed problems that were too heavy in content to confide in our friends, which is not a very good thing.

I confided in them on line, but they are also available by phone.

I believe that talking to a total stranger like this is also a place to get your feelings out.


Having experienced being cut off at the last minute, I can tell you that the first thing you need to do is to blurt out your worries and feelings.

This is really important.

It's fine if you can keep it to yourself and resolve it on your own, but if you talk about it to others and say, "Oh my God, I was just overthinking things," or "I feel so much better now," or "I'm quitting this shitty company! I'm going to change jobs! It can be a positive experience.

Please try to choose the right person and try to vent.