A story about a phone call to a devil boss that almost brought me to the verge of a teary-eyed breakdown. The number of occasions is important in answering the phone.

苦い 電話対応の経験 Work/Part time Job

Since I started working, the number one thing I have not been good at in my business is...answering the telephone(Phone support?) (telephone support?).

Even though I knew I had to pick up the phone, I was always nervous.

I really disliked this business.

The moment I picked up the receiver, my mind went blank.

And I failed in front of my boss, who is a very scary demon.Tear gland collapsed (or did it? Did you cry in the bathroom?)

But now you can do it with room to spare.

I'm going to talk about my phone handling failures and how I overcame my difficulties. (I'm not talking about forcing yourself to get over it.)

Failure Story. The reason I got sick of answering the phone was because I made a huge mistake in front of my demon boss.

I became very bad at answering the phone when I made a huge mistake in receiving calls at a company I joined as a new graduate.

It was basically a rule that the sales department, to which I belonged, would take outside calls.

As a newcomer, my boss told me to be proactive and pick up the phone as much as possible. I tried to pick up the phone as much as possible, but I was always nervous whenever I heard the phone ring.

When I picked up the phone, I was nervous as usual, but the call was for someone in a different department. When I tried to connect the call to an extension, I panicked and pressed the hold button several times, causing the person on the other end to wait for a long time.

moreoverFailure in front of the most fearful boss in the sales departmentI did.

Hey, get a grip."

And the boss's voice echoed through the scene table.

It was a shhhhhh table, you know. I could hear it so clearly that someone was shouting into my ear with a megaphone...

A senior staff member who was nearby thought, "This is not good..." and immediately gave me a lecture on how to make a phone call.

I was not yelled at or cursed at, but I was so weak-minded that I could not stand the atmosphere and said, "Oh my God, I'm going to cry..." I was already filled with embarrassment, frustration, and fear.

But this experience made me truly think, "Oh no. I had to do something. I didn't want to experience this kind of atmosphere anymore.

Experience is important in answering the phone.

I could make a phone call without being that nervous, but I was not good at receiving calls to the point where I was already in a state of panic.

Because of that failure, you became aware that "I'm not good at receiving calls anyway," and you thought about why you were so jumpy about receiving calls only.

Then you realized, "I'm by far the most unfamiliar with receiving power... I'm the one who's not used to it. (No wonder.)

What scares me when I receive a call is that I don't know who the caller is or what his/her requirements are. Because I can't imagine it, I can't prepare for it.

When I call from here, my mind is stable because I have both the person and the requirements in my mind (and I am ready).

Then what's missing is overwhelming.insufficient number of placesSo.

If you experience various types of incoming calls, no matter what kind of call you receive, you will be able to draw from your past experience and say, "This is what I should do.

That way you can make calm decisions and not panic.

I had too many drawers for that.

If you really want to conquer this problem, you need to do it more often. This is the only way (I think).

Then, well, things happened, and I left the company that had failed me in the telephone answering service.

And at the next company I changed jobs, to my surprise, I found myself answering a lot of incoming calls.

I'm extremely bad at receiving calls and thought, "Oh no - I don't want to do it," but I can't not do it.

in a labyrinthI answered dozens of phone calls a day. Of course, I experienced countless failures.

Then, you see.I gradually learn to handle it.

It is a matter of course that one can learn to do things that one is not good at if one experiences them, but I was so surprised that I was able to handle the telephone so comfortably, which I myself was not very good at.

I thought to myself, "Ah, experience is so important. I realized it firsthand.

I was able to answer the phone while typing on the computer.

I am amazed at how much people can change...I am surprised at myself. I was such a timid person who was frightened of the phone.

Is this the right thing to do? I'm not saying that this is a good thing, but getting used to answering the phone has reduced my stress and I don't panic and make mistakes anymore, so I really think that the number of occasions is very important.