The idea that there are many people who have it harder than you is pretty bad. I'll tell you the end result of being paralyzed in thinking by corporate livestock.

a dishonest company

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Black company] What I thought after experiencing military-style training before I joined the company.

In this issue, I would like to talk about the military-style training at an IT-related company I joined as a new graduate. To sum it up, the training was very hard and it was like a black company! The training was very hard and the content of the training was like a "black company! It was just like an army. It's funny, isn't it? That's what I'm talking about.
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True story. A story about a black company's campaign to win business cards that I thought would cause my mental breakdown.

Black companies still prevail in the world. I once worked for a black company myself, so when I hear the words "company animal" or "black," it reminds me of myself at that time. Besides, it seems that many articles related to black companies have been read on this blog since GW has passed, and 5...
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I failed 50 companies and received a job offer from one. But I ended up quitting after 5 months.

I would like to talk about job hunting during my college years. When I was job hunting as a new graduate, I had the experience of taking a job at 50 companies and failing. What I want to talk about here is not to make some strange boast that I failed 50 companies, but rather that even though I worked so hard on my job hunting, in the end, in less than six months...
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I was told that the company was a black company, but it's not true. I talked to 7 bosses to resign and got the white eye.

The company I joined as a new graduate was an IT-related company, a black company with abnormally long working hours and a vertical society of seniors, bosses, and all hail the boss! It was a vertical society. (I heard that there are even worse black companies these days.) I was in a very athletic sales department, and I thought I would never be able to keep up with them...
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At a black company, "When a new graduate quits, the boss gets paid less!" and "My boss's salary will decrease if a new graduate quits!

This time I'm going to tell you about how my boss's salary gets cut when a new graduate quits! I'm going to tell you a story about how my director snapped at me, saying, "I'm angry. First of all, please read this article that describes the circumstances. When I told my boss that I wanted to resign, he yelled at me, "You'll lose your salary! I was so scared! I had 7 bosses...
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Stories|If I leave, there will be a hole.... To those of you who can't quit your job because of a sense of responsibility. You don't have to feel responsible there.

I'm at my wits end, I'm tired, I want to quit my job. But if I quit, there will be a big hole. That's why I can't quit." They won't let me resign because of staff shortages, etc." I think there are many people who have this sense of responsibility and cannot quit their companies. It depends on the nature of the work...