Work/Part time Job

How I was able to get through the difficult and awkward period of time leading up to my resignation.

The period of time between submitting your resignation letter to the company or telling them you want to resign and the day you resign is extremely awkward. It is very awkward, isn't it? (Even though I'm not doing anything wrong.) Well, I understand that it takes a few weeks or a month to take over the job. I...
Work/Part time Job

I want to quit my job right now! What you should do to avoid regretting quitting with a bang [my own experience].

I would like to talk about the risks of quitting a company on a moment's notice. I myself have had the experience of quitting a company on a moment's notice, or rather with an easy feeling, and regretted it immensely. As a result, I ended up working as a temp to make ends meet, so preparation is really important. ...