Feelings and experiences

6 months since I threw away my TV... 5 changes that have happened to me and their advantages and disadvantages.

We do not have a TV in our house. We gave it up six months ago. There are three main reasons why we gave it up. We don't have to worry about not having a TV. When we start watching TV, we end up watching programs we don't want to watch. I can't watch TV because of the information on TV...
human relations

There is no need to force yourself to connect with others. A story about realizing that bound relationships only make you unhappy.

Relationship breakups. We often hear about this, don't we? The idea is that renunciation is not limited to things, but can be applied to relationships as well. Well, it's like cutting off the relationship with others, isn't it? I have done this many times, and I feel much better and it doesn't interfere with my life...