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Blog] Hello Talk has an unusually large number of people who are looking to meet people.

Hello Talk is a very popular application among English learners. I'm using Hello Talk all over the place right now to learn English, aren't I? I wish it was simply a language app for learners only, but it turns out that it's not really. ...

I was impressed by the conversation I had with a foreign teacher at "Rarejob", a cheap online English conversation service.

Recently, I have been wanting to learn English conversation, and the other day I took a lesson at Rarejob, a famous online English conversation service. The reason I chose this place was simply because it was cheap, but when I actually took the lesson, I was very impressed by how kind and very helpful the teacher was. ...

I tried the Beginner Level of the 30-Day English Brain Training Program! Review what I actually thought after taking it!

I've been really into English conversation lately, and finally! I've finally gotten my hands on an online English conversation study program. The site is called "30 Days English Brain Training Program. This time I tried the beginner level. Here's what the site is all about...