The idea that there are many people who have it harder than you is pretty bad. I'll tell you the end result of being paralyzed in thinking by corporate livestock.

Money situation during job hunting] I was making funds through a one-time job while I was job hunting. Short-term job I actually worked

Gap time during job hunting: Make a quick buck with a one-time job. work
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Do you find yourself spending a lot of money while job hunting or looking for a new job, but not being able to get a part-time job, and your savings dwindling rapidly?

In this issue, I'd like to share with you some of the skimmers I've been working with during my job search and job transition.Efficiently and without strainHere's how we made a quick buck.

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Why I was able to make quick money in my spare time while job hunting and busy?

When you are job hunting, you prioritize company information sessions and interviews, so you can't work part-time shifts as often as you would like.

I myself was pretty much on a job hunting schedule, so I could only work one or two shifts a week.

There were some part-time jobs that I had to quit because they didn't fit into my schedule too well.

It would be nice if the part-timers had some flexibility.

It is not easy to find that kind of thing, so I mainly did one-off jobs, which I will talk about later.

I was trying to work single jobs in the gaps.

And I chose to do it.Single byte.

I was commuting to Tokyo for job hunting from deep in the mountains of the Kanto region, so I wanted to stay with friends and siblings if I was going to be there.

Monday: Company interview in Tokyo, 2 interviews
Tuesday: None
Wednesday: 3 company information sessions
Thursday: None
In the case of "1.", you stay overnight in Tokyo on Monday, and on Tuesday, you have a one-day part-time job in Tokyo. On Tuesday, I would stay in Tokyo for a one-day part-time job, and on Wednesday, I would attend a company information session.

It was a pain to go to Tokyo on Monday, return to the countryside, and go back to Tokyo on Wednesday, so I used the gap time, or rather, the gap day, like this. So, I used the gap time...or rather, the days when I had a part-time job.

I don't choose a part-time job that is OK as long as I get paid.

There are a variety of one-off jobs available, but I did not choose a job where as long as I got paid, I was OK!

We didn't do things like setting up facilities for events or traffic studies (it's impossible to sit still and this is early in the morning), even though it was worth the money.

This is because they get tired.

I thought that if I worked hard at a part-time job, I would definitely feel tired the next day (i.e., I would not be able to compete at 100% strength), so I chose a part-time job that would allow me to have a certain amount of energy to spare.

Choose a part-time job that only allows for a single day.

This isA great big must.
There were some that allowed a minimum of two working days, but I tried to avoid them.

I didn't even know when I would be scheduled for job hunting.

I was looking for a job that I could do for a day and filter my search like that.

My main focus is job hunting, not part-time work.

Single job that actually worked well for me.

As for what kind of work I actually did, it was overwhelmingly event-related. (The ones that weren't setting up or anything like that.)

Perhaps I myself love the event and the atmosphere of the event.advantageous for meI think he felt that.

I simply thought it would be fun.

Customer service for a store in a fashion event event hall.

I used to do a lot of events at the Family Sale event hall.

A closed sale conducted mainly by apparel manufacturers for their customers, employees, and their families.
Some are loosely regulated to allow the general public in without an invitation ticket, while others require an invitation ticket.
Sometimes they deal with sample products, and the discount rate is large.SOURCE:

I was doing the cash register, handing out bags, and making the rounds at this family sale.

I thought I was going to go crazy handing out bags because I had so much free time, but other than that, it was okay because I got to move my body.

This job.(We were able to buy some of the items on sale, which was a bit exciting (although it varied depending on the organizer).

It was very attractive because the clothes of a certain well-known manufacturer were 90&off or something like that.

However, I had to fight against my greed, because if I bought a bomb here, I would lose all the money I had earned from my part-time job.

Food and beverage concession staff at event venues

This was quite fun.

Perhaps it was the fact that I enjoyed the people I worked with.

The most enjoyable thing was that there were many foreign customers... I was so happy!

I used to open a stall at some international event. It was refreshing to be able to use a little English as well.

It was all snack food, like hot dogs and fries, but I really enjoyed the cooking and I'm still glad I did it.

A single job site that I have been a part of.

A site I used to frequent at the time.

I did register quite a bit to make sure there were no omissions (I'll add more when I remember).

Registration is free and easy, so we recommend that you just register.


Find a short-term job with Shot Works! Find a one-time job that you can work right away!

Find a short-term job with Shot Works! Find a one-time job that you can work right away!

TSUNAGU GROUP HC, Inc.freeposted witha priori

As the name suggests: !!!!!

Shotworks has many one-day short-term part-time jobs.

I think there were a lot of attractive event-based jobs here - I think. I used to check every day because new jobs were updated every day.

It was easy to use and easy to search whether you want one day or two days.

By the way, Shotworks also has a convenience store version.

One-Shot Job Shot Works Convenience Store - One-Shot Short-Term Jobs at Convenience Stores

One-Shot Job Shot Works Convenience Store - One-Shot Short-Term Jobs at Convenience Stores

TSUNAGU GROUP HC, Inc.freeposted witha priori

working away from home

I used mainly for single jobs, but you can also find information on permanent and temporary jobs.

I applied for and was offered my third full-time job here.

As for single jobs, I checked regularly, mainly for "single jobs within 10 days".

In addition to event-related work, I recommend picking products, reception, sitting in a chair, and other types of work that are not half as varied as the other types of work.

Hatarako - Temp & Part-Time Job Search Temp Job Application

Hatarako - Temp & Part-Time Job Search Temp Job Application

(C) dip Corporation.freeposted witha priori

I've only shown here the jobs I've worked, but here's what I've seenThere are a crazy number of part-time jobs that allow you to work quickly in your spare time.

Some jobs, such as cleaning and miscellaneous work, can be done in as little as 5 minutes.For more information, please click here.The following is a summary of the results.


I thought it would be a waste to give up my time to work simply for the money, so I tried to choose a part-time job that would benefit me as much as possible.

There are many jobs that can be done in your spare time. There are so many.

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