I was so stressed out that I finally lost weight and got chapped cheeks.

Stress makes me cheeky. Work/Part time Job

I have been a member of society forWorked in sales and SE positions for 4 different companiesI did.

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People... when stress is at its highest, they lose their appetite...

I hear that stress can make you lose weight...but won't it make you overeat and gain weight?

I used to hear from friends who worked in harsh working conditions.
Stress made me lose my appetite."in Tokyo
Skinny.in Tokyo
I was told such stories.

I used to be the type of person who, when stressed out, would eat and gain weight, so when I heard about this, I inwardly thought, "How is it possible that stress could cause me to stop eating?" I thought to myself, "How is it possible that I can't eat because I'm stressed?

But when I was working as an SE at my fourth company, I was working under tremendous stress.

It was my fault for holding too much in and not driving to the limit to ask for help, and the seniors around me were super nice...

Eventually, he suddenly began to cry and entered a state of emotional instability.

I began to think that if I left, there would be a hole...
(This idea was a mistake, and now that I think about it, it's impossible.)
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I'm at my wits end, I'm tired, I want to quit my job. But if I quit, there will be a big hole. That's why I can't quit."

Up to this point, I had no appetite for surprise.

I couldn't even eat Calorie Mate, my favorite food, and just looking at my favorite snacks made me feel like "Ugh...".

A tightening sensation in the back of the throat and a headache accompanied by nausea.

I couldn't eat very much, I just lost my appetite.

When stress reaches its highest level, people lose their appetites and their cheeks get chapped.

A friend once told me.Stress made me lose my appetite."I remember the words.

And I was convinced, "Oh... you were talking about this...".

I seriously lost my appetite, so I lost a lot of weight.The ribs just below the collarbone will come up and the cheeks will rub.

Yes.For the first time in my life, I had chapped cheeks.

(I should have taken a picture... lol)

I never thought my cheeks would get chapped from overwork.

It was also incredibly stressful to not be able to eat the foods I wanted to eat.

I was happy to see him lose weight, but...Losing weight due to overwork (heartache) is not the same impression as losing weight in a healthy way.Please note that from the

Plus, women's periods can go haywire...

I figured if I was stressed and overeating, I'd still be better off.

This is just my opinion as stress vomiting varies from person to person.

And finally the stress reached a breaking point and I thought, "If I don't do this, I'm going to lose so many things!" I thought.

Finally, I sent an SOS to my seniors.

I was able to feel more and more at ease with the help I received.

I realized the importance of finding someone to talk to before you reach your limits!
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I've been working too hard and it's about time...

But there was still a lot of work to be done, so I had to work overtime every day plus holidays, but I was able to relax.Appetite recovered.

Weight recovered!

And to be able to eat as before.

I still felt stress, but my headaches were less, my sore throat was less, and my appetite was back to normal.

And at this point, I thought.

I can only run to food when I'm stressed out.I could afford to run on food.He said. (In my case)

He said that when he is really stressed to the max, even his appetite is blocked.


This experience will give you an idea of the level of stress you are under.appetite (for food)I realized that this can be measured by a barometer called

Well, you don't have to experience that much stress ...

I mean, we humans shouldn't be over-stressed... seriously.

So, this was a story that made me realize that I really lose my appetite when stress reaches its limit.

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