The idea that there are many people who have it harder than you is pretty bad. I'll tell you the end result of being paralyzed in thinking by corporate livestock.

I want to be a better singer. I took a voice training course at StoaCa - (good and bad).

Voiturette in Stoaca Study & Lesson
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Suddenly, I am very bad at singing.

Whenever we went to karaoke at the after-party of a drinking party, I always smiled and said no, saying, "I specialize in listening to singing.

But I still want to sing along at karaoke and have a good time with everyone.I want to sing comfortably.

I had always thought, "I have to do something about this tone deafness someday.

I had thought about it, but...schools are expensive.

I didn't want to pay tens of thousands of dollars a month just to "fix my tone deafness" and "be able to sing karaoke without worrying about my tone deafness," not to become a professional.

However, I found a course that offers singing lessons at a fairly affordable price in Stoaqa.

And I actually took it the other day.

So, I leave you here with my impressions of the singing lessons I have taken at Stoaqa.

If you want to start a hobby or learn a lesson, click here for storecases.

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What is Street Academy (Stoaca for short)?

First of all, I would like to talk briefly about "What is Stoaqa?" I'll start with a brief explanation of what Stoca is.

Street Academy, or Stoaca for short, is aA market for learning that connects those who want to teach and those who want to learn.

One of the largest in the country, with 12,000 people teaching and 170,000 learning.A place to turn knowledge and skills into moneyIt is.

Anyone who is confident in their skills, even if they are not a professional, can register and learn a variety of genres, even minor courses such as "I wanted to learn this! You can learn a variety of genres, even minor courses such as "This is what I wanted to learn!

It's a person-to-person exchange.Fees are also lower than those of typical schools.

I have used it many times in the past, and it is very convenient when I want to "study a little in this field.

Why I use Stooge many times.

I myself have used the storea many times, and I would like to talk about why I am a repeat customer (the advantages of using the storea).

Stoaca's course fees are super cheap.

Yes.Stoaca is very inexpensive compared to most schools. Quite low price.

The instructors are ordinary people who think they have the knowledge and skills to teach others in this field, so they can set the price as they wish, and since it is not a school, there are no extra costs.

It's only the cost of skills, location, or textbooks.

There are a crazy number of courses in the Stooges that are one-shot affairs.

For busy working people, it's very nice to have a course that can be completed in a single session.

Some courses you may have to attend. It depends on the genre and difficulty level of the course.

In my case, I've taken makeup lessons and simple programming courses, all of which I thought, "I really want to learn! But I don't want to learn for a long period of time, so I want something that I can finish in one session.

It's just a hobby. It's perfect for people who are not so much of a hobbyist.
(Some of them are gutsy and long-term)

Stoaca is close to the teacher.

This is a personal opinion, but I think this every time I use the storefront, every time I use it.

The instructors at STOACA are professionals in their fields, but they are very close to us.

It's not rigid in a good way, and that suits me.

I think it may be more so because the courses I choose are often small or one-on-one.

Stoaca's courses offer a variety of lessons within one genre.

The storecases includeThere are quite a few minor courses that can be done because they are private.The first is that it is a very good idea to use the same type of equipment as the second.

For example, in the case of voice training, there are petit courses where you can send data on your voice and they will give you all kinds of advice. And they are inexpensive.

This is something that regular schools can't do, and it's a good way to get people to check "whether I'm tone deaf in the first place before taking lessons.

In Stoaqa, there are some lessons that can be used as a "just the right lesson". There are some lessons in Stoaqa that can be used to satisfy an itch.

However! There are disadvantages.

Because of the close proximity to the teacher, there are times when they do not fit together.

In fact, I once chose a teacher with whom I didn't get along very well.

It is not that the teacher has a bad personality or anything detrimental. Personality-wise, they just don't seem to fit.

It was quite stressful to finish the course (and in person) in a delicate atmosphere from start to finish.

I look at reviews when I choose a course, but I can't tell if we are a good match or not until I actually meet with them, so it is risky in that aspect.

Stoaqa to start a hobby or learn a lesson.

I've taken voice training lessons at Stoaca.

So, let me cut to the chase. I would like to talk about the actual voice training I received at Stoa.

Since the content and teaching methods of the voice training courses listed on Stoaqa vary from instructor to instructor, I would rather talk about the atmosphere of the course rather than what the course content was like.

I took one-on-one voice training lessons.

On the day of the lesson, we entered the designated time and practice room and were greeted briefly. The teacher was very friendly and easy to talk to.

Then the lesson began.

The atmosphere was such that questions could be asked at any time, and the process was gentle and tailored to our needs.

Moreover, the teacher was very cheerful, so it was like we were laughing with each other from beginning to end.

I had to do some vocalizations that I don't usually do because it's a voice training program, and at first I laughed at the trip to start the voice, but by the end I got a little used to it.

I was able to listen to their tips on how to sing well and practice, and I had a meaningful time with them.

And I was able to ask all the questions I had for a long time, so I think I got my money's worth for the lesson.

I am glad that I was able to get along with my teacher. I really don't get along with teachers who don't get along with me.

If you want to try voice training at a low price, storecas are recommended.

I don't know about other voice schools in Stoaqa, but I am sure it is crazy unbeatable compared to the average voice school.

There may be some compatibility with the teacher, so you need to examine your choice of course carefully.

As for me, cheap price is of course important, but I also like the atmosphere where I can enjoy learning with the teachers.

Plus, some courses can be completed in a single session, so they're perfect for busy people.

By the way, coconara is a similar service that I recommend.


This was my first time taking voice training and it was very relaxing and fun, with a lot of laughter and an atmosphere that could only be created on an individual-to-individual basis.

However, choose your teacher carefully. Some teachers are not a good fit for you, so don't forget to look at the reviews.

I am going to practice steadily on my own, keeping in mind what you have taught me.

Stoaqa to start a hobby or learn a lesson.

Study & Lesson
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