If you're too stoic with yourself, you'll be too hard on others, so it's better to indulge.

If you're too stoic with yourself, you'll be too hard on others. human relations

There are people who are stoic.

I have had quite a few rather stoic people in the workplaces I have experienced and have been exposed to many of their words and actions.

Then I realized something.

Stoics end up demanding stoicism from their partners.

People who are stoic tend to demand stoicism from their partners.

I could do it, so you can do it.That's what I'm thinking about.

And when you work among such stoic people, they all think the same stoic thing.The work environment itself is stoic.It becomes a

The most obvious one is something like overtime hours.

People who are stoic about their work work harder and harder, and their work hours are incredibly long.

It's long past my regular time.

It's only 10pm... I can work two more hours.It has become commonplace to think of it as a matter of course, and
They start taking it for granted to newcomers.

And if you resist a little, they think, "This guy is naive.

(From the outside, that is not at all naive. I'd rather say the right thing.)

But that doesn't come across well to people who are too stoic, and they see it as spoiled.

If you demand of others what you have been able to do and they are unable to meet it
What? Why can't I?" I'm like, "Why can't I do it?

I've seen many such scenes (I've demanded it myself at times) and I've had it done to me.

The pointlessness of demanding stoicism from others.

But such stoicism is of no concern to those who are required to do so.

Asking the other person to be stoic will only make the relationship worse.The following is a list of the most common problems with the

Even if you think, for example, "I overcame this pain so that I could become the wonderful person I am today" and demand it of the other person, whether you can do so is another matter, and how the other person will perceive it is unknown.

It's good to be stoic with yourself, but if you go to extremes, it's not a good idea.
It becomes common sense to you, and you start demanding the same thing from others as a matter of course.

As I said earlier, that is not the way to build a good relationship.

I may have been able to do it, but I don't know what they are.

I think we have to think that way and act accordingly.

That is why, on the contrary, people who are super stoic to themselves but kind to those around them. People who can do this are amazing. I think it is truly amazing.

I don't think there is anyone like that.

It's an extraordinary thing to understand that even if you can do it, it doesn't mean they can, and yet you're not asking them to do it.

I think it's wonderful to have someone like that, who is stoic but super kind to others. (I don't think there are any)


I wanted to make sure that even though I was in a stoic environment and even though I was stoic, I did not want the same thing from others.

It may be difficult, but people are people. I am who I am.

Well, there is nothing better than not being in a stoic environment....