The idea that there are many people who have it harder than you is pretty bad. I'll tell you the end result of being paralyzed in thinking by corporate livestock.

At least three of these cleaning products should be provided for a single person living without a job (testimonial)

Must-have cleaning items for people living alone Thoughts.
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This time, I, a slacker in my later years, lived alone andVery useful and handy cleaning introduce you to the following.

How sloppy is the level of sloppiness? It is the level of eating cooked food in a frying pan or eating rice in a rice cooker.

I realized that it is definitely worth having.

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At least this is the minimum cleaning product for a single person living without a job.

We do not introduce mold sprays, etc. (though they will come when needed)

melamine sponge

Melamine Sponge Cleaning Goods
The melamine sponge is well known as a useful cleaning tool.

This is a necessity.This is all you need to clean the water area.

It can be used anywhere, including washing dishes, around the stove, and in kitchen appliances such as microwave ovens. With water only.

It cleans the tough stains that cannot be removed with a sponge. The cleaning results are totally different without it.

The person who developed it is seriously a genius.

However, it may not work on stubborn stains, so it is better to clean with a melamine sponge frequently if possible to prevent the stain from becoming stubborn.

(I'm a lazy person, but I often forget)

Microfiber stick with handle

Cleaning Goods

Microfiber that tangles up pride and other fine debris.

The point is that it has a pattern.

Cleaning Goods
I bought this just in case. I bought these goods just to be safe.
In fact, it helped a lot.

It's super convenient for removing dust and other things that aren't worth vacuuming.

And what's best about it is its slender length. It fits into the gaps just right.

Like under the TV, in the corner of the washing machine, or under furniture.

The tip of the dustpan bends around so it can catch dust on top of light fixtures and in various corners that are hard to reach.

When soiled, the microfiber can be removed from the limbs and tossed in the washing machine. (Oh, but maybe some products don't allow this?)

When I actually used it, I felt extremely grateful.

Mine had a short handle, but there are many longer ones available by mail order.

pampas cat

Coro Coro is a corroborative that no one would know about anymore.

It removes dust, dirt, and hair from clothes by flicking them off.

This came in handy when I was out and about. It was the same when I wore a suit.

People who are prone to static electricity, for example, get a lot of dust, don't they?

It is a good level of goods to have. Recommended for pet buyers.

And of course, they stick to bedding, cushions, and other debris that vacuum cleaners can't pick up.


A melamine sponge, a microfiber stick with a handle, and a roller.

These are the minimums that we felt were necessary.

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