Childhood. He was unable to get up in the morning because he did not fit in with the school system and became a problem child.

I didn't fit in at school. I didn't feel comfortable. Feelings and experiences

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the state of schools here and there on the Internet news and social networking sites.

And the spi industry or the space industry? But there are also those who have taken up the issue of how these schools should be run.

To be honest, I have not given any thought to the school.

School is where you go to study. That's all.

Somehow I only had this general image of school as "not a fun place, but a place to experience boring studies and friendships" or something like that.

In fact, school (especially elementary to junior high school) was a time when I had some, well, happy memories, but more than that, it was also a time when I felt a sense of emptiness. I was what you might call a kid who didn't fit in at school.

We were in a rural area, well, the countryside is closed off, and there were a lot of relationships (laughs and cries).

I've never focused on this before, so I never questioned it.

When I think about it, I wonder if the reason I felt such a sense of emptiness was because I thought school was cramped, boring and tedious in the first place. I think so now.

That's what made me act out the most, because one morning I suddenly couldn't get up, and I started skipping school because I started thinking that I didn't have to go to school. (I wasn't being bullied at the time)

Parents are away for work, skipping out and watching TV at home.

I don't think my parents ever picked me up at home because they prioritized their work.

(I never felt like blaming my parents for this, in fact I felt lucky at the time, they never did anything to me as long as I went to work).

But of course? The school and teachers wouldn't shut up about it, and they treated you like a mildly problematic child, and the teachers started picking you up at home.

(I didn't mean to make such a big deal out of it.)

Because of this, I had more assignments during the summer vacation, and for a period of time, I was very much indebted to my teachers.

I think there were probably a lot of discussions between the parents and the teacher. ....

Eventually, this skipping school was resolved (I can't remember now how I started getting up in the morning again).

I returned to being a normal student.

Maybe it was partly due to family problems (we'll talk about that another time), but I had a real emptiness about school, and I never really enjoyed it, and now I think something in me was resisting it.

Boring classes taught one-sidedly, at a set time, with a set group of people.

There are only a few recesses, and the school lunches are not that good. (It was a pain to drink all the milk)

For some reason, I get less excited in the evenings (as opposed to being lonely because school is over).

The school really wasn't the right fit for me, he said.

Have you had this kind of experience?

Looking back now, I feel "school and myself."

I guess I'm being a bit consequentialist.

But looking back, I wonder if it was because I did not fit in with the school system itself, and that is why I struggled and ended up skipping school.

I remembered that, so I decided to leave it on my blog.

I wonder if there are others who, like me, struggled to fit in? What do you think?