Stories|I'm afraid of being disillusioned when I actually meet someone on a matching app. My solution was this

I'm afraid of meeting the person I'm matched with and being disillusioned. Love and Marriage

I think there are people who lack confidence when they first meet someone they have been matched with on a matching app.

What if they get disillusioned...?


That's all that's on my brain endoresss !!!!

I had low self-esteem and above all, I was not confident in my own face.

But in one way or another, I succeeded in easing my anxiety at once.

"Oh, no!" You may think, "I can't do that," but it is something that you may or may not be able to do, so... please read this in your spare time.

I don't have the courage to meet on a matching app... What if I'm disillusioned?

I think it's a common feeling for people who are not confident in their own face, but I'm extremely anxious when I meet someone I've been matched with on a matching app.

  • I've been disillusioned. What am I going to do?
  • What if they think it's not what they expected?
  • What if your reaction right after seeing my face is not so subtle?
  • What if he sees my face and falls hard?

And so on.

There is no end to the number of things to think about.Yes, I thought about it all the time!

I was more concerned about being disillusioned than I was about what if the person I matched with was a bad person.

By the way, never meet with someone who looks dangerous...

(Some people are dangerous in terms of business, solicitations, and human nature.)

Stories|What I did to ease my anxiety a little when I met my match for the first time

Sorry if I missed a beat...

Set your profile with this in mind.

It is.Use a slightly lowered profile picture.

What...? That's all! I thought so!

But it worked for me.

Because when you compare a photo that you think looks uglier than usual with your real face, you naturally prefer the real face, don't you?

Which means thatYou'll meet someone who matches you with a face better than yours in your profile picture.So.

This means that the other person may think, "Eh... it's better than the profile picture.

If I think to myself that the other person might think so, my own sense of insecurity is lightened....

It's a rudimentary measure, but a surprising one.It takes courage to put a subtle face on your profile picture.And I think few people are able to do it.

Of course, those who don't need to worry about being disillusioned can put up a gory mug shot.

However, for someone like me with low self-esteem, I feel that lowering the level of the profile image has a certain effect.

What happened after the measures were taken?

As a result, theIn my case, this method has eased my anxiety to a great extent.

I can't explain my feelings any better than that because I felt it myself...but I am certain that my extreme anxiety has decreased.

That's not going to change anything! I'm sure there are some people who would like to know more, so this is just for reference...

But wouldn't that reduce the chances of matching in the first place?

I like the photo of you glamming yourself up! I have such a low self-esteem that I feel awkward when people

So my profile image = an image that is close to who I am as I am.

That awkwardness was eliminated by making theTo begin with.I like the picture of me as I am! Wouldn't you be happier if you got a "yes"?

Because, you know...We're going to meet eventually.

If you don't keep in mind that you are going to meet, things will get blurry.

It all started with a matching app, but it all started with meeting in person.I personally think it is.

So, if I didn't want to be disillusioned, I made it a point to be aware of this: never take a profile picture at an angle from above, don't embellish it, and don't make it glow.


If you are worried that you will be disillusioned when you meet your matches, never embellish your profile picture.

It is obvious, but when you actually upload an image of yourself, you will be tempted to adjust the brightness or even change it to a top angle.

But the starting line is not matching, but meeting.

We meet! Please try to choose a profile picture with this in mind.

This is just my measure, but I think it is a recommended method for those who are not confident about themselves.