The idea that there are many people who have it harder than you is pretty bad. I'll tell you the end result of being paralyzed in thinking by corporate livestock.

It was sudden. The person I thought would never quit was the first to quit.

It was sudden. The person I thought would never quit was the first to quit. work
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Hi, thank you for your help.

Lately, you know, I've been thinking about a former co-worker of mine, and there's a pattern of "people who thought they'd never quit, but they did."

The more people think they won't quit, the more suddenly they quit...

Also, it's obvious that you can't tell what people are thinking from the side.

I was at a black company, and one of my classmates suddenly quit. Really suddenly.

That same period of time, you know, there were quite a lot of newcomer events, and I was getting more and more excited each time I went.

I must have thought, "He'll be the first to rise to the top," although I didn't talk about it separately among my peers. I thought.

We had a rivalry at the time!

Well, I was a shiny new guy, and I was motivated. I wanted to contribute. I wanted to be considered competent. I wanted to be appreciated.

At one of the events, the person who performed well was shining and I thought to myself, "He's doing a great job, I can't lose to him either.

A very unthinkable idea from my current point of view.

But he was the first to quit the company.

Then, there was a girl who was also one of my classmates who kept saying, "I want to quit. She had been working there for a long time (laughs).

Don't you think there is something like this?

They say that people who don't seem to quit quit quit, and people who seem to quit don't quit.

You can never tell what people are thinking from their outward appearance. It's obvious.

The person who quit, I think, definitely had some thoughts about the company. He didn't say it out loud at all, though.

Well, I quit soon after that.

I think there are only a few of my peers in the same department left in that company now.

It was a short period of time, but I drank with him until the last train and shared many hardships with him, so I thought, "'s nice to be in the same class as new graduates," and I would have liked to be closer to him if possible.

I don't even know where they live anymore and I don't have their contact information.

I hope you are doing well.

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