The idea that there are many people who have it harder than you is pretty bad. I'll tell you the end result of being paralyzed in thinking by corporate livestock.

You want to quit your job because it's too hard. The harder the time is, the better prepared you are for the rest of your life.

The harder the job change, the easier it is to prepare for it later. work
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I changed jobs three times in my 20s.

In this article, I would like to talk about "preparations for changing jobs". Rather than specific procedures, I would like to talk more about the mindset.

*I am speaking here for those who already have in their hearts the desire to change jobs.

I am not trying to encourage you to change jobs.

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Two patterns I experienced when changing jobs

I will talk about each pattern.

Pattern 1: When you quit your job with a lot of vigor, saying it was "too hard.

Too much pain.I left the company after 5 months of employment.I've been there.

at that timeI was secretly looking for a new job before I quit.I had no financial worries or other heartache because I joined the next company as soon as I quit.

(Although I was upset when the company found out I was looking for a new job while I was still employed.)

I was able to change jobs rather smoothly.

Pattern 2: When you quit your job in a hurry, saying, "I'll find a job soon anyway.

So the next time I changed jobs, I thought, "I haven't found a new job yet, but I'm sure I'll find one soon♪" and quit with a bang.

Then it was hard to find one, and I found myself in a very painful situation financially.

It was a startling fall and my spirit hit rock bottom.

It was really a heart-wrenching time. You could say it was a dark period.

Changing jobs itself is a huge heartache, so it's better to lighten the load.

If you can find a new job easily, I think there is nothing better than this and nothing to worry about.

If you are confident that you can find it, it's totally fine to quit with a bang.

I was so happy to have found a new job. I have painfully realized this after my second job change as mentioned above.

It is.ifJob is hard → Quit on a spur of the moment → Can't find a new job → Savings are dwindling rapidly → Money worries → Can't find a new job → ・・・ savings run out.

If only things had gone this way.I can't stand the idea that I quit my job because it was too hard for me, and then I was let go, and now I have to go through even more hardship in my job search.I thought. Like waves of stress coming over and over again.

I thought, "Why can't I just get out of this black company? But in fact, the fear that my job search would not go well and my savings would dwindle was unbearable.

Moreover, when money worries become too much, it can become an unplanned pattern to get a job anywhere.

To begin with, changing jobs is a major event in one's life, and the time and effort that goes into it is incredible. It really is.

If possible, you want your job search to go as smoothly as possible, and without thinking about anything else.

Again, I really don't want to find a suitable new job because of the fear of losing money.

It is important to be prepared to quit as soon as you reach your limit, even when times are tough.

So what I'm trying to say is.If you are saying, "Seriously, I'm having a hard time at work. I want to quit! Damn it, I'm changing jobs! I think it's easier to get ready as soon as possible if you still have room in your heart.

Unless you're over the limit.If you are at your mental limit and can no longer prepare, or if you feel that you will become depressed if you go any further, I think you should put your own body first as soon as possible.For example, taking a leave of absence, consulting with some agency, or protecting yourself is a top priority.

I can't even change jobs if my body is damaged.

For those who have not reached their limits but want to change jobs because it is too hard, preparation will make it easier to act when the time comes, and saving up funds will help keep your mind relaxed.

Well, that's just based on my experience.

Early on, you may have some sort of a nagging feeling about the job, or you may not feel comfortable with it.something wrongAt that point, you can start thinking about changing jobs if you feel that you are ready to make a change. (Or start saving up some funds.)

Proceed stealthily in the shadows. In other words, we make the arrangements.

I think it is normal to make these preparations if you are changing jobs, but if you are overwhelmed with daily tasks or have too many painful emotions, you may want to quit with a great deal of vigor, and your thinking will become blurred.

Besides, I think each person has his or her own circumstances, such as the ease of changing jobs.

  • People whose current jobs are so demanding that they do not have time to change jobs.
  • People who are stuck because they are worried that their job change will be discovered.
  • People who don't work and don't have enough savings to slow down their job search.

Such as.

So many of you may not be able to easily do what I am telling you now.

There are many ways to prepare, and it is best (if you can afford it) to proceed to the point where you receive a job offer from your new employer, if possible (and if there is no risk).


  • Just register with a job search site.
  • Add a favorite job search site of your choice.
  • Save for living expenses during job search
  • Save money for living expenses during your job search by working a second job.

You can do a lot of prep work, such as

I was constantly creating ESs on job search websites. I was also increasing my favorite companies and entering a lot of applications.

An aside. Quitting because work is hard is naive? How is that possible!

As a bit of a side note, when I remark that I want to quit because my job is hard, some people respond by saying that I'm being naive.

Spoiled? I don't think so. There are different types of jobs for which you are not suited. If you find it hard, you can change it. Otherwise, you will have a mental breakdown.

Besides, it sounds like a kind of brainwashing that I have to endure because work is hard.

By nature we should be allowed to do what we like. I believe it is no exaggeration to say that we were born to do what we like.

This world is rife with religious ideas, but we should not live for practice. Work should not exist to make a living.

I truly believe that we live to do what we love. I know that sounds a bit spiritual, but w

So I think the idea that work is hard is a bit off.

I am dismissive of such stoicism.


I was crushed by the anxiety of not being able to find a new job.

I don't want to go through that experience again.

Therefore, I thought that we should not let the momentum of our desire to be released from the painful workplace get the better of us, and if we still have room in our hearts, we should start sneaking ahead with the preliminary preparations while we still have room.

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