The idea that there are many people who have it harder than you is pretty bad. I'll tell you the end result of being paralyzed in thinking by corporate livestock.

Summary of point sites to earn money quickly in your spare time. Recommended for your spare time while job hunting or looking for a new job.

Summary of key sites recommended for gaps in your job search. work
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in one's spare timeSuper!The point site is what you can use.

Did you know that you can save quite a bit on sites these days, surprisingly? (Because I think it was a world of a few yen or so just a while ago...)

In your free time before an interview, etc.All you need is a smartphone and it's super easy to do.The charm of this product is that it is a "good" product.

Here is a brief introduction to a site that allows you to quickly and easily poach with a single smartphone.

As for single part-time jobs and gap jobs, they are summarized here.

There are many sites where you can get points at the same time as registering, so we recommend that you just register.

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Make quick money with the time you have open. Summary of point sites

The following is a summary of each site and its requirements.

American football player

We have a huge number of members and more than 10,000 advertised projects.unlimited choiceand it is also a safe and secure site that has acquired the Privacy Mark.

Partially, but if you're using any of the following sites, there's no way you're not going through them!

Save money via points sites.

In summary, here is the site

  • Point site with over 550,000 members
  • Shopping and use of services, free games and surveys
  • Points accumulated can be converted to cash, e-money, miles, or gift codes
  • The strongest reduction rate in the industry

Save a little money on your everyday shopping! Click here for i2i point, where you can earn money!

i - Say

It's a survey site.You can earn points just by answering the questions.

This one is also Privacy Mark certified, so you can register as a member with peace of mind!

  • Survey site operated by Ipsos, the world's third largest market research firm.
  • Compared to the Nikkei website, per surveyHigh reward points
  • Drawing campaign, 10 winners will receive 5,000 points each month
  • Points accumulated can be exchanged for Amazon Gift, QUO CARD PAY, PeX, "Selectable e-GIFT" which can be exchanged for Rakuten Edy, iTunes Gift, etc.

Click here to visit the i-Say survey site!

EC Navi

This place is very famous! I think it is so famous that you could probably say that EC Navi is the most popular point site.

  • one of Japan's largestPoint site of
  • Other genres such as online shopping, surveys, free membership registration, mini-games, etc.
  • Receive points that can be redeemed for cash, electronic money, gift certificates, etc.

Click here for EC Navi, one of the largest point sites in Japan


This is fascinating!You get points just for playing lol Lots of fun free games!

In summary, here is the site

  • one of Japan's largestPoint site of
  • The site is a member of the Japan Internet Point Council (JIPC), so it is safe and secure to use.
  • Points accumulated can be exchanged for cash or electronic money (T points, iTunes gift, Amazon gift, Rakuten Edy) from 500 yen.
  • Long-established point site with 17 years of operation and 1.8 million registered users
  • Earn points for purchases at affiliated stores

You can earn points just by playing free games and there are many games to play. Anyone can do it and it's a great way to pass the time.

Games include balloon clicking games, field hockey, puzzles, and quick hits.

Over 1.8 million registered users! Click here to visit 《Warau》, a point site where you can play!


Reading in one's free time is fine, but we want to convert it into money as much as possible.

It's possible to have a one-off job, but it's nice and easy to do it quickly on a smartphone or PC...

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