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Personal Color Assessment Private Lesson at Stoaqa (blog)

I took a personal color diagnosis at Stoaqa. Study & Lesson
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I wanted to enjoy fashion more, so I took a personal color diagnosis at STOCA, a place for person-to-person learning.

In conclusion, I was able to confirm what kind of colors I know how to wear, which was helpful and clarified my confusion, so I feel a little clearer.

I would like to talk about this stoaca and what I felt when I received it.

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About Stoaqa

First of all, let's talk about "What is Stoaqa?" I will give you a brief overview of what Stoca is.

Street Academy, or Stoaca for short, is aA market for learning that connects those who want to teach and those who want to learn.

One of the largest in the country, with 12,000 people teaching and 170,000 learning.A place to turn knowledge and skills into moneyIt is.

Anyone who is confident in their skills, even if they are not a professional, can register and learn a variety of genres, even minor courses such as "I wanted to learn this! You can learn a variety of genres, even minor courses such as "This is what I wanted to learn!

It's a person-to-person exchange.Fees are also lower than those of typical schools.

Stoaqa to start a hobby or learn a lesson.

I got a personal color diagnosis at Stoaqa!

This time I had a personal color diagnosis for fashion.

Personal color is a color system that generally suits you, but is very useful for cosmetics and fashion.

This time it was a personal color diagnosis for fashion, but I decided on this one because I thought it would probably be useful for cosmetics as well.

Go to the designated place and start the course one-on-one with the teacher.

After the doctor's explanation, the cloths of various colors are actually held close to the face to determine whether they match or not.

There are many different colors, for example, there are reds like azuki, and there are reds like vermilion. Each color has a blue base and a yellow base, and we check these together.

Does the face look brighter when these colors are brought closer together? Does it look dull? Does it make me look older? We can understand these things.

(Personally, I think it is an ironclad rule to wear what you like! (Personally, I think that wearing what you like is the rule of thumb, and I think that personal color can help you make a decision when you are in doubt.)

When you actually try it, it is true that the impression changes slightly depending on the color. It's just a little.

As you check this with your teacher, you gradually learn the color system that suits you best.

"Oh, this color makes my face look brighter!" "This color makes me look older!" Like that.

As a result, it turns out that I have the right yellow-based color.

Stoaqa to start a hobby or learn a lesson.

What I thought after taking a personal color diagnosis at Stoaqa.

Here are my impressions of the course I wanted to take this time.

What you felt were the advantages (good points you received)

What I found to be an advantage was that...I was able to know what colors suit me and was convinced of my own suitability.It is.

Unlike being told, "You look good in this color scheme," I was able to check and learn for myself, which helped me to be convinced.I could be sure.Or rather.

If someone says one-sidedly, "This is the color system," I say, "What...? Really...?" I would not be convinced and would want to take another course.

I thought it was quite important whether I could be sure or not.

A point of caution (or perhaps a bit of a demerit?)

This isn't just about personal color diagnosis.That content left to personal feeling may have different results for different people.The following is a list of the most common problems with the

For example, the personal color diagnosis I took this time around resulted in my own confirmation, and it became clear to me that the color "I am yellow-based" is the right color for me.
For example, if the teacher only says "Fat is the right color for you" in a one-sided lecture, the teacher's judgment may be based on his or her own senses.

This is unavoidable, but it is a good way to determine whether the color makes the person look good or bad.It depends on the person's feeling.Teachers don't always say 100% correct content, they are human beings.

What looks good to one person may look bad to another.

There is no clear numerical value specified or standard, and it is up to the individual to decide whether he or she thinks it looks brighter or older.

So I thought, if possible, I would prefer something I can check with myself, and that I might as well choose a course with these caveats in mind.

This is true not only in color diagnosis but also in other genres.

Also, it is important that we get along with each other. Most of the teachers I have met so far have been wonderful, but I had an awkward experience with one teacher because we did not get along.


What I most wanted to know when I took a personal color diagnosis this time was, "What color system suits me?

I was satisfied because I was able to find out what I wanted to know with the advice of a professional.

But, frankly speaking, I could prepare a large amount of cloth by myself and self-diagnose while looking in a mirror? I guess I could do it by myself. However, it may be easier to be convinced with a professional, so what do you think?

Stoaqa to start a hobby or learn a lesson.

Study & Lesson
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