The idea that there are many people who have it harder than you is pretty bad. I'll tell you the end result of being paralyzed in thinking by corporate livestock.

My Experience] The Merits and Demerits of Late-Night Work. A hair-raising and dangerous story I experienced.

Advantages and disadvantages of late-night work Work/Job Change
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I would like to talk about my late-night job at a family restaurant when I was a student.

I felt it then.Advantages and disadvantages and girls working in late night restaurants.I had a lot of thoughts.

In the second half, I will tell you about a hair-raising and dangerous experience I actually had. Please take a look at that too, if you like.

Advantages of working in a family restaurant late at night, as I found out through experience.

Let me start with the advantages.

Advantage 1: Late-night work pays hourly.

This is the biggest one.

At the restaurant where I worked at the time, during the day, I was paid by the hour.850The circle late at night is1050 yenThe following is a list of the most common problems with the

Unlike daytime, the difference is 200 yen.
Since we were in a very rural area, the hourly wage of over 1,000 yen was quite gratifying.

Advantage 2: Late-night restaurants are a treasure trove of human observation.

Late night at a family restaurant depends on the location, but we get all types of customers.
They are the kind of people who don't seem to do it during the day.

So it is a great time for those who like to observe people. Specifically, what kind of visitors did we get?

  • (It was a restaurant close to a cabaret) Ladies in dresses
  • I'd say he's over 60.Super sweet Lolita fashionThe grandmother of
  • An old lady who always eats anmitsu (sweet bean jam) every day and then falls asleep.
  • A mysterious group that makes you wonder what the relationship is all about.
  • The uncle with the grease marker on his head.

Such as.

I couldn't stop fantasizing every time.

Advantage 3: When the manager is not around, I can work in a more relaxed mood.

I felt at ease because there was no manager, or rather, I was able to work harmoniously with all the employees.
(Of course, we are doing our job as stipulated.)

I was basically in charge of floor work alone, so I was worried that I would have to take responsibility for anything that happened during the late-night hours.

But it was easier for me to handle the work as I pleased, from my point of view.

Advantage 4: Fewer people, so the ability to work more efficiently

Late night restaurant work depends on the restaurant.There are many jobs that can only be done during the late night hours.

In a family restaurant, for example, this could include cleaning the drink bar, restocking tables and the back yard, and setting up for the morning meal the next morning.

And you had to basically do it all by yourself (sometimes two).
Naturally, I also work on the floor (showing people around, taking orders, serving food, cash register, cleaning up).

After repeating this process over and over, you gradually become able to prioritize what to do first and what to do while you are doing it, and you become able to handle your work more efficiently.

I enjoyed the sense of accomplishment I felt on days when the work went as efficiently as I wanted it to.

How to streamline operations! This was a great learning experience for me, and I think it has helped me in my other part-time jobs as well.

Disadvantages of working in a family restaurant late at night that I learned from experience.

Here are the disadvantages.

Disadvantage 1: Late night restaurants have a worse clientele than during the day.

As I mentioned in the merits section, late-night restaurants attract all kinds of people. People who would not come in the daytime come.

And this can be a disadvantage.

It would be fine if there were simply a lot of unique customers, but there are also customers who swear unbelievably or respond unreasonably. I've had customers who would apply juice from the drink bar all over the table, and I once confronted a customer after closing and had a package thrown at me (why)!

I also worked daytime hours, so in comparison, I still had more customers late at night who were not so nice.

Disadvantage 2: Working late at night makes girls especially fat (I've learned the hard way).


This is especially true for girls. Every morning and night life is a hormonal imbalance that makes it easier to gain weight.

My appetite also went crazy. I heard that if you don't sleep properly, hormones are released that increase your appetite.

You gorged yourself on food before getting a late-night bite, but you also gorged yourself on snacks during your break.

And then we had breakfast on the way home as well...and so on.
Face, flatI was.... I thought that if I could not control these things well, I would become fat.

Disadvantage 3: Working late at night hours can cause skin irritation.

This, ...... was as shocking a phenomenon as gaining weight.

Women's hormones are all over the place. + Stress explosion when a bad customer comes. → Rough skin. Rough skin.

If you have strong skin, there is no problem, but if you are prone to breakouts on your face easily due to stress, you may need to be careful.

Disadvantage 4: Late night after work, missed trains or dangerous driving.

In my case, I drove to work, but when I left in the morning after work, there were many times when driving was dangerous.

Fortunately, we were on a country road with little traffic, so there were no collisions, but it was still dangerous because it seemed to go off every once in a while.

There were times when I was in a hurry because I realized that I had been driving unconsciously, and I had no memory of the road I had taken.

In those cases, it's better to take a nap somewhere once. Even in the case of trains, I sometimes overslept, so that took a lot of energy.

There are other dangers besides skin irritation and weight gain! About girls working in restaurants late at night.

Earlier, I mentioned that late-night restaurants receive all kinds of customers.

I would like to talk as an aside about the mysterious dangerous grandmother case, which I still remember vividly.

This experience made me think that working in a restaurant late at night for girls...might be a bit risky.


It was almost closing time (around 4:30 in the morning).

I told the customers in the store that it was time to close the store and started closing the cash registers.

While the customers who were urged to leave were leaving one after another, that day an old lady with a gothic lolita-style frilly frock and a doll was having a hard time leaving. (She probably looked over 60 years old.)

I was surprised to see her and said again, "It's closing time~," and the old lady suddenly turned on.

grandma"Aaandajajaja? Aaandajajaja?"
I shouted.
(What are you talking... is that Japanese?)


I thought it was kind of a bad idea, but I still went to the prompt every few minutes.

Excuse me, sir, we have to close.


It is not easy to leave.

It is a mystery if they even understand what we are saying anymore. (Maybe they don't.)

I was in a bad mood, so I said, "Enough! I said in a strong tone of voice.
You said, "Please leave."

Then I got even more turned on.He threw a doll he was holding at me.

Yeah, yeah, yeah! It will be!

After dodging the flying dolls, he now throws them at the store's decorations.

(I wondered for a moment if this constituted destruction of property.)

Anyway, when I thought it was time to call the police.
The old lady, perhaps sensing something, finally left the store, mumbling.

The staff in the kitchen came out to see what was wrong, but Grandma was already out of the restaurant.

Fortunately, neither I nor my store was damaged, but there are all kinds of people in the world...
It was a night when I truly felt that I was in the right place at the right time.

At the same time, it made me think about the risk of having such a dangerous level of people come to the store... I realized that there are times when a girl running a store by herself would have such a scary experience.

Well, this experience is quite irregular.

Besides, it depends on the location of the store.

People from all walks of life come to restaurants late at night like this. I thought the girls should consider including this kind of thing.

Conclusion. Working in a Late-Night Restaurant I Thought

Late night restaurants have the advantage of higher hourly wages, but your body will go crazy. Girls especially. Skin rashes also occur.

However, what I think now after experiencing
I'm glad we did it.

The reason is that it was too fresh to see so many different customers, and above all, it was fun and easy to work in a relaxed and carefree manner. Compared to other companies, it was a lot easier and more enjoyable.

I felt a tremendous sense of accomplishment when I was able to get the job done efficiently, and I also saved money.

However, the fact that I am glad I did it is also an impression born of my personal values, so I hope you will take it as a reference only.