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Converting iMac and hp monitors to multi-display|Introduction of necessary cables and work process

I tried to convert to multi-display for work efficiency. Gadget Review
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I bought an hp monitor because I wanted to make a multi-display (dual display).

When I was doing research, the screen was too small with just the iMac.

It was very easy to set up a multi-display, and it took only one cord.

It is OK as long as you do not make a mistake in the type of cord receptacle for each PC.

So I would like to share with you what I purchased, the work process, and my impressions.

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Multi-display iMac and hp monitors

Here is the finished product

Multi-display iMac and hp monitors

It looks very lived-in.......^ ^ ^ ^ .

I personally think that the hp on the left and the iMac on the right have the same silver-based design, so they match.

The code between the two has been pirouetted out.

Purchased to convert to multi-display

There are two, including monitors.

(computer) monitor

This is the monitor.

HP M22f FHD Display

HP M22f FHD Display
(Model number: 2E2Y3AA-AAAA)(1920 x 1080 16.77 million colors)
LCD 21.5" blue light cut

The reason why I chose hp is because the color silver seemed to go well with my iMac.

Aren't most monitors black?

I don't really care what color I use if I have dual monitors, but since I see it every day, I want it to be something comfortable for me.

I want unity.

With this in mind, I chose hp.

The size is 21.5" to match the iMac. (although it's a little low in height)


This is the cable that connects the iMac to the hp.

Cord I bought to convert my iMac and hp monitor into a multi-display system.

It's called Amazon Basic. (I felt a sense of security because I thought that if it was official Amazon, it would be safe. I thought it would be safe if it was Amazon's official one.)

I use the hp monitor side as HDMI and the iMac side as USB-C.

Cord I bought to convert my iMac and hp monitor into a multi-display system.

This is the product here on Amazon.

Process of making an iMac and hp monitor into a multi-display

I was able to do it after connecting the cord and setting up the display on the iMac itself.

Oh, that's easy.

Turn on the hp, connect the cord to the iMac, and set up the display on the iMac.
This is OK.

Multi-display iMac and hp monitors

So, when I move a Chrome tab that I have been viewing on the iMac side to the hp monitor side, it goes to the hp screen with the click.

However, the tab screen will show through until it is completely moved out of the way.

I was able to move it safely, but I was a little confused by it.


It is very easy to work with.

I can no longer open tabs all over the place and wonder "where is that screen again? I'm now free from that.

Well, I digress a bit, but I am not familiar with these setups or computer systems, so I was wondering if monitors cost about 50,000-60,000 each. I was wondering if monitors cost 50,000 to 60,000 per unit.

But surprisingly, the monitors are cheap, and hp is reasonably priced, and since all I need is to be able to see my browser, I got a good deal.

Really comfortable.

I'll be working harder and harder for you!


So, we were able to set it up in no time... ♪

I'm glad if it is of any help to you.

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