In the age of the individual, relying on a single source of income is risky. Diversification of risk is important.

Relying on one source of income is conversely risky. Risk diversification is important. Thoughts and experiences

In this day and age, it seems like a great risk to have one income loss.

I've felt it firsthand myself, and now I live freelance, but I'm always thinking about my source of income.

I think the world is becoming more and more difficult to be happy or secure if you are a company employee.

Risk diversification is really important. I think the time has come to make the most of individuality.

If you were an office worker, you would work for a company and get paid on a certain day each month.

This is the obvious thing to do, isn't it? It was the same for me. I became a working member of society after graduating, and for about six years, this has been the norm and I have lived my life as a matter of course.

Every time I changed jobs, I got a permanent job! Yes! I felt a tremendous sense of relief that the company was paying me a large sum of money.

But I've been thinking more and more each year that this might actually be a risk.... Well, there is also the recession and politics involved. I believe that the reason more and more companies are using contract workers and temporary staff instead of permanent employees is because they can easily cut them off.

More and more, even very well-known large companies are experiencing financial difficulties and even going bankrupt.

In fact, one of the companies I have worked for has also gone bankrupt. (I was shocked to find out about it on the news.) (I was shocked to learn about it from the news on the internet.) At the same time, I was worried about my former colleagues who are still working.

Incidentally, I had an experience when my part-time job as a student went bankrupt, and we all moved around in a flurry of activity because the transfer of wages was delayed.

You never know what will happen to a company at any given time, nor do the employees who work there, except for the upper management of the company.

Even if you feel secure working for a company, if the company goes bankrupt or restructures, the monthly salary you have been relying on will disappear in an instant.

when it becomes soI feel like I've been plunged into the abyss all at once.
At such times, you want to avoid working just to make a living as much as possible. You want to do work that you like as much as possible.

To avoid this, I believe it is important to increase one's source of income, for example, by taking on a second job.

In that sense, it is super risky to limit your source of income to a single company salary.

For your reference, please take a look at Teikoku Databank. There is a link with a very simple and scary title, "Bankruptcy Bulletin," where you can see which companies are going bankrupt every week.

Importance of knowing how to make money

So what should we do?

In the meantime, get a second job. Preferably something I like to do.

Prepare to create a source of income while working for a company.

You can be a Youtuber, a blogger, or you can sign up to become a writer on a platform like Crowdworks.

You can also learn programming and create web services.

Anything is possible if you look for it. You may think you have no talent or that you can't make money, but that's not true. There is more than one way to do it.

My friend uses her dexterity as a weapon to create accessories. The number of handmade artists has also been increasing recently.

It should be very fun to do. This is the ideal.

If you continue to work for a company, creating an environment in which you can quit at any time will help you achieve emotional stability.

Increase the number of secondary sources of income, with the income from the company as the main source and the rest as a sub source.

Everyone's happiness is different, but isn't it great to create an environment beforehand where you can say, "I'm quitting the company," no matter what happens to the company or your mood at any time?

There are not that many people who are scared that they will be fired in a recession, but when they feel that their current job is boring or stressful and they want to quit, having a separate income makes a big difference in the degree of their peace of mind.

Besides, if the side job is something that allows you to use your personality and is fun, you can vent your daily stress in a positive way.

It does not mean that you should work at your day job randomly, but if you can quit your day job, it will serve as an insurance policy so that you will not be in a hurry in case of an emergency.

If your day job goes bad, you can still have a second job and not be in such a panic.
Even if the side business gets cocked up, the income from the company keeps me from panicking that much.
I feel like this leads to a more relaxed mindset.

I think this would be a good thing, as it would reduce dependence on the company and eliminate excessive loyalty to the company.


We talked about sources of income. In this day and age, I think it is really important to increase your sources of income.

I would like to diversify risk more and more.