The idea that there are many people who have it harder than you is pretty bad. I'll tell you the end result of being paralyzed in thinking by corporate livestock.

I thought that the human spirit is extremely sensitive and can be easily broken.

The human psyche is extremely sensitive. work
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I used to work for a certain IT company.There were many times when people went mentally crazy or had a series of vacations.

Seeing them made me think a lot about the human spirit, and I would like to talk about that.
(It's like a memory story. (It's like, these things happen.)

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I thought the human spirit is more fragile and easily broken than I had imagined.

I will tell you about each experience.

A veteran new hire's story

Everyone gets mentally sick if they go through a very painful experience.

For some people, it can even affect them physically and cause them to become ill.

The office where I used to work was hiring frequently and new employees were coming in every week.

Among them, there was a new veteran employee who was particularly promising.

I remember there was talk within the company, "Why don't we give her an important task to do?" I remember there was talk within the company of "Why don't we entrust her with an important task?

And in my first few weeks with the company, I started giving her more and more work.

At first she was very motivated to work, but gradually her fatigue began to show.

Overtime work continued, and even those of us watching from the corner of the room began to worry that something was wrong.

Finally, she became so ill that she had to go to the hospital for an IV drip, and she tended to miss a lot of work.

When I did take a break, it was not for a day or two, but for a week.

When I came to work for the first time in a long time, my expression was clouded, and eventually I resigned.

I was watching the whole thing and was like, "Oh, that's what happens," but from what I heard, it was so bad that it made him vomit.

She worked for about three months.

One Inexperienced Employee's Story

He joined us with no experience in the industry, and he is a nice young man who seems serious and very personable.

He seemed to be enjoying his work, even though it was his first time in the industry and he was sometimes bewildered at first.

But then I started hearing about how difficult their private lives were, and I started to feel less and less energetic.

When we asked him about it, he said it was a "family situation. The situation sounded serious, even if we only heard about it briefly.

I had to think, "Well, I must be losing my energy....

He also began taking frequent breaks from work, which led to a mental illness and a leave of absence.

We were surprised to see how much he had changed in such a short period of time.

He worked for about a year, including a period of leave.


It is not limited to work, but the human heart is very fragile and can crumble at the drop of a hat.

Even if you think you are fine, you never know what will happen if you are actually forced into various situations.

I have seen people who are mentally exhausted up close and personal, and I have come to believe that the mind is very important, even though there may be many reasons for this.

Such are the memories.

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