The idea that there are many people who have it harder than you is pretty bad. I'll tell you the end result of being paralyzed in thinking by corporate livestock.

I made a mistake in a job interview. I put too much of myself into it and successfully destroyed myself.

Don't overload yourself. work
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When I start seeing job hunters in suits at train stations, I am reminded of my own failures.

As the title suggests, this is a story about an interviewer who tried too hard to make himself look good, ended up digging his own grave, and failed.

I hope you will read it in a way that makes you think, "There are people who do stupid things like this.

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Growing taller with a resume

When I was writing my resume at the time, I was conscious of using magic markers and writing in large, unusual strokes to catch the attention of others as much as possible.

It's not so much what it's about as what it's about.All to catch the attention of the hiring manager.I was very confident about the exaggerated content there.

For example, "I am the right person to run your company!" And so on. I don't understand.

Moreover, I used to write such contents in bold magic marker or something like that. Small, shabby techniques...

I was thinking that if I bought some sewing lace at a 100-yen store and pasted it on my resume, people would think, "What the hell is this guy doing here? Now that I think about it, it's pretty funny....

I sent a resume with super-heavy content.

So you sent your resume to a certain Internet-related company with a lot of excitement.

I managed to pass the paperwork screening without a hitch. (I don't know if it was because I stood out or not.)

I believe the self-promotion section of the resume I sent at that time wasHobby of moviesYou wrote the

I'm really good at explaining movies, etc., and I'm really good at moving people's hearts" (not good at all).


I love the movie "XXX" so much that I can go on and on about it and make the other person say, "I want to see this movie! I can make them say, "I want to see this movie!

I wrote confidently, not knowing that this would later become a source of embarrassment.

The day of the interview

Finally, the day of the interview.

The interview started and the interviewer asked me a few random questions and I answered them.
Then he asked me about the film.

*By the way, there were three interviewers.

Interviewer A: You write about movies here, you like movies -?
Me: Yes, it's a hobby.

Interviewer A: It says something about being able to talk endlessly...
Me: Yes! As for this piece, I've seen it many times.I was very moved by it and it left a strong impression on me.

Interviewer A: Heh. Something here."Make them want to do it."It says.
Me: Uh, yes.

Interviewee A: You're saying that people who haven't seen the show yet will want to see it if they hear you talk about it?
Me: Uh, yes.

Interviewer A: I haven't seen this movie yet!

Would you like to make me feel like one?

Me: Yes.

Interviewer A.Well then, here you go!
Me: Yes. Uh, well, this is a movie based on a novelAnd all the dialogue is music.

Interviewee A: Hoh.
Me: So, of course, the acting ability of the actorsHe sings quite well (there you go).

Interviewee A: Hoh.
Me: Anyway, it's a very moving film.

Interviewer A: ...
Me: Yes.

Interviewer A: ...
Me: ...

Interviewer A: And?
Me: ...

Interviewer A: I'm not getting anything from you...
Me: Ha, yes.

Interviewer A: ...
Me: ...

Interviewer A: Hmm. I couldn't get into that with this one...
Me: Uh...yes.

Interviewee A: (to Interviewee B, who was standing next to him)What do you think? Do you want to see it?
Me: ...

Interviewer B.Oh, no, not at all.

Me: (right?)

I wrote that I could go on and on, but I don't know if I actually talked for 20 seconds....

I wish I could say that I was nervous, but that was before that. It was a spectacular self-destruction.

Later, I received an email that we did not have a chance to meet this time.I don't know if this self-destruction had repercussions....


Job hunting is a time when you want to tell a good story about yourself - but of course, you mustn't overdo it!

I should have practiced that this would be asked.

I think it's totally fine if you're excited enough to answer a question when you get pinched, but if you're too excited about something beyond your stature, the risk is higher for that, that's true.

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