The idea that there are many people who have it harder than you is pretty bad. I'll tell you the end result of being paralyzed in thinking by corporate livestock.

Sad True Story. A story about a black company's campaign to win business cards that I thought would destroy my spirit.

Campaign to acquire business cards of black-owned companies work
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Black companies still prevail in the world.

I also worked for a black company at one time, so when I hear the words "company animal" and "black," it reminds me of myself at that time.

Besides, it seems that many articles related to black companies have been read on this blog since GW passed, and I think that May is a mentally difficult time for people.

I understand...I've experienced it myself. It makes me sick, this time of year.

A company that takes away many things, both mental and physical.
That is a black company.

In this issue, I will discuss a campaign to acquire business cards that I experienced at such a black company.

I wonder if any company is running a campaign to get business cards though... (I'd like to think not anymore). (I'd like to think that they don't anymore...)

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Experienced the annual event "Business Card Acquisition Campaign" at the company I joined as a new graduate.

Do you know what a business card acquisition campaign is?

I don't know if some companies still do this, but at the company I joined, it was an annual event to strengthen new graduates.

This event is a gateway to success for newcomers, so to speak.

Sometimes on the streets of large stations with adjacent office areas.
Have you ever seen someone who seems to be a new employee, incessantly asking passing members of society to exchange business cards?

That one is also a kind of campaign to acquire business cards.

From the outside, it is an annoying activity.

It is suspicious when a complete stranger suddenly says to you on the street, "Please exchange business cards! on the street, it is suspicious and does not make you feel good.

So, my company has this campaign to win business cards.

(In my company's case, the pattern was to visit the company on the fly, not on the street.)

Shortly after I joined the company, I was aware of the fact that such an event was coming, but I was scared to death, wondering when it would be held.

Finally, around May, after the newcomer training was over, my boss made an announcement.

We'll be running a campaign to get business cards in ~months."

Immediately after that announcement is made, the newcomers go to their immediate seniors and others to ask them about the secrets of how to win first place in the business card acquisition campaign.

I also contacted a senior staff member and asked if he could take a moment of his time to give me some advice on acquiring business cards.

Like me, my peers around me were also consulting with their immediate seniors like that.

If you like to win or hate to lose, you were pretty turned on.

I was willing to work somewhat harder, but I was also in a depressed mood, as I was quite reluctant to dive into sales.

"I don't like the idea of crashing into a company and exchanging business cards...."

Even at the time, I was not super enthusiastic about the campaign because I thought it was a ・・・・ campaign for acquiring business cards nowadays.

Business Card Acquisition Campaign Day 1

Here is the story of the day.

It has finally come. The dreaded business card acquisition campaign.

The time given is for two days (I believe the daily activity is from 9:30am to 6pm or so).

How to get as many business cards in those two days....

And that's why we are aiming for first place.

The signal is given to begin, and everyone leaves the office at once.

Depression, depression, depression, depression, was all I could do to be depressed.

We go to the target station (the one adjacent to the office district) and just ping-pong dash...or rather, ping-pong all over the place...THE dive sales.

The companies we were targeting were smaller companies.

This is because large firms will turn you down because of receptionists, etc., and smaller firms with less guarded entrances are more likely to let you meet with a representative.

On the first day, more business cards were exchanged than expected.

Many of them were older men, but I think they probably realized that I was a new employee who had come on a business card acquisition campaign and were concerned about me.

Some of them were super kind enough to offer words of appreciation for such a newcomer. I am so thankful....

But some of them responded harshly.

Some old ladies would "shush" with one hand, while others were called "annoying" or "rude" in some places. That's right.

They visit you out of the blue and suddenly say, "Please exchange business cards," even though they are not trying to make a sale. It is really rude and annoying, isn't it?

I know that, but..."

On the way to the park, we relaxed in the shade of a tree in what looked like a park, with a broken heart.

I wondered if the businessmen I sometimes see in the park on weekdays come to the park when they are feeling down about their work.

The occasional breeze felt good. It felt good. It was cool.

I remember that vividly.

And after that, I ran around acquiring business cards that broke my heart in many, many cases.

The next thing I knew, I felt like I was in the mood to blow something up every time my heart broke.

In better words.My spirit is one level stronger.
To put it in bad terms.I've become dulled to the sensation of sadness.

I feel a bit flustered.

And the first day was over. In terms of ranking, we were 3rd out of 10.

They felt happy with this result.

The synchronization was a little strange.

Synchronizers who were at the top of their class got quite a few.

I was staring at my peers thinking, "Wow, that's great..." But things looked a little strange.

It was somewhat of a killer.I may be mistaken, or I may think so now that I know what happened. (The thing is, I don't know how it all happened, because my colleague quit.)

Maybe they were motivated to do it.


On the first day of the business card acquisition campaign, the boss said to the newbies, "Day 1 must have been tough!" So my boss told the newbies, "You can go home early! So I left the office right away with everyone else.

It was a rare chance to go home early, so I wanted to go home early to sleep and conserve my energy.

I was in provisional third place, out of a mere ten, but I was feeling somewhat proud of myself.

Looking back, I think this was the moment I began to climb the stairs to sensory paralysis.

Second day of business card acquisition campaign

The second day was a struggle compared to the first day.

Even if you meet with the person in charge, you will be refused, refused, refused.

The pressure was also tougher than on the first day.

I still want to be number one!" I thought to myself as I ping-ponged from the upper floors of the building.

ding-dong ding-dong ding-dong ding-dong

During the lunch break, I wondered how many cards everyone had just acquired, and thought to myself, "Which building should I attack next...?

I'm sure we're not at the bottom of the list because we came in third on the first day, but we have to try."

And this is what was repeating in my brain.

At this point.Mental self-drive modeI thought that I had become At the time, I was not able to analyze myself so calmly.

Then the second day ended.

I returned to the office a little earlier than everyone else. One after another, my exhausted colleagues returned to the office.

My peers who were in first place on the first day also came back looking more deadly.

I thought he was very motivated, but I also felt somewhat worried.

And as for the results, I was 4th in the two-day total.

I felt surprisingly unaffected by the results.

On the first day, I thought, "Yay, I might be a little happy with 3rd place," but when the total ranking was announced on the second day

There was no emotion.

You may have thought, "Too bad I dropped first place..."
The very word that perfectly fit my feelings at this time was nothing.

I've done it! It is different from the sense of accomplishment of "I did it!

It's hard to describe, but I didn't want to think about anything else.

Also, "I'm tired, I want to rest," and that's it.

What we saw through the experience of the business card acquisition campaign

There were things that came to light through the two-day business card acquisition campaign.

It feels easier when you cross the line.

I had felt resistance to dive sales before, but on the second day of the business card acquisition campaign, I didn't feel that much resistance anymore.

I think my tolerance level for being hurt was also up.

Is this how the spirit grows stronger?

That may be a quick and good training menu for the company.

No more shame.

When you ping pong a few cases, meet a lot of people, and are told harsh things, you start to think nothing of it.

This is the way I deserve to be treated! It is natural to be told like this! Once you have this in your mind, you won't think anything of it anymore.

By the end of the campaign, I felt like I had taken a step up from my previous hesitant self.

You have to have the guts to not think about the other person's convenience.

For the same reason that I no longer feel shame, I no longer think about what the other person might think, or what I might do to annoy them.

I'm here because I have work to do! I am here because I have a job to do!

I think it was a mistake to be so determined in the first place, and when I think about it now, this campaign to acquire business cards was nothing more than a nuisance, but at the time I was paralyzed and stopped thinking so much about the other side.

What the Business Card Acquisition Campaign Gets You is a Path to Mental Collapse

I couldn't think of anything after the second day, and I think my mind was a little off at this point.

After two days of running around, being smoked and criticized in various places, I felt as if something was paralyzed.

I think some of my peers around me seemed to have gone to a slightly different stage (in a bad way).

I thought, "If I keep pushing myself harder and harder like this, various parts of my psyche will gradually become numb.

Are there companies still doing these events?

I remember when I was working for my fourth company, a newcomer from some other company came in and said, "I just wanted to say hello.

I had just responded, and I immediately realized that I was new because I was new and slightly fidgety.

It was exactly like the business card acquisition campaign I had experienced.

There's more..."


The company may want the newcomers to gain courage or be mentally trained through this event.

But isn't this something different? I think so.

I wonder if some people overstretch themselves and lose something? I don't think so.

(I thought so when I saw the synchronization.)

Is it necessary to numb the mind to gain the benefits of a business card acquisition campaign, such as "guts and guts"?

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