The idea that there are many people who have it harder than you is pretty bad. I'll tell you the end result of being paralyzed in thinking by corporate livestock.

Three reasons why I was able to work for a long period of time in a workplace with many girls.

Three reasons why I was able to work in a predominantly female workplace for an extended period of time Relationship
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I would like to talk about my experience in a predominantly female workplace.

In conclusion, I am talking about the fact that I realized that although it is easy for things to get messy in a workplace with many women, it is possible to work there for a long period of time if the conditions are right.

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A story of bullying in an all-female workplace.

To begin with, the reason why I thought, "A workplace with so many girls... this is what happens (sigh)," is because of a part-time job I had when I was a college student.

From this experience, I have come to realize thatA workplace full of girls is not right for me.So you noticed that.

Workplaces with equal ratios of men and women were comfortable.

And the next workplace I chose was an apparel salesperson with a male to female ratio of about 5:5. Apparel again? but there was an opening for a sales position at a brand I liked.

I had the trauma of an honest front-line position, but I had never worked in a place with an equal ratio of men to women, so I gave it a try.


I was surprised at how comfortable it was.

Of course, there were things like the rigors of the job and the ties of human relationships without regard to gender.

Naturally, I was sometimes angry, and I had a quota to meet, so I was a demanding person in terms of business.

But even so, I was able to work without the petty bullying of my previous job, and in a very positive way.

I cannot say for sure whether this is necessarily influenced by the ratio of men to women, but as far as I could tell, it clearly made a difference in the ease of working.

Why we were able to work comfortably even with all the girls

Then you entered the workforce and at some point in your career, you experienced a sales job.

The main part of my job is outside sales and I am out and about a lot.

As I like to be physically active, this job suited me. (Being a route salesman also suited me.)


This is the place.Nearly 90% of the workforce is femaleIt was.

I was honestly a little apprehensive because of my experience as an apparel salesperson. (Why did you choose this company?)

But as a result, I could work for a long period of time. The reasons are as follows.

The HR department was extremely thorough in its attention to detail.

When I actually worked there, the personnel arrangement? The personnel allocation is really thorough.It was a place where the department heads were very considerate of whether the girls got along or not.I guess so.

This surprised me as well.

It's really rare for HR to give this much thought, isn't it?

I think it was probably out of concern for the girls, because they were well versed in the mess.

There was limited involvement between girls in a workplace that was often out of the office.

You had limited time to engage with the employees in the car because you were mainly engaged in outside sales to discuss business with clients.

I think it was because we were not closely involved in the same space all the time, so it was difficult for us to get into trouble.

Assignment versus assignment, and the rivalry was with another assignment.

I was a salesman, so I was very serious about each individual's sales performance.

This was true not only for individuals, but also for assignment units.

If we only looked at sales performance on an individual basis, we would be bouncing around individually, but since we were looking at it on a team basis, we could say, "Our competitors are other teams! The rivals are the other teams! So I felt a sense of camaraderie.

I think this is pretty important, and kicking out rivals individually sounds like drama only.I had that experience when I was a part-timer.So I think this kind of camaraderie is important.

This was also mentioned by the interviewer before I joined the company. "There are a lot of women who are athletic and gung-ho, but they are also very savvy, so they are easy to work with!" He laughed.

It was quite nice to see that the rivalry was with another assignment.

It has been worth it for me to serve here for a long time.


  • Even though there were a lot of girls, the human resources department was working on assigning them to different places.
  • There was a sense of camaraderie in the unit to which they were assigned.
  • There were limited opportunities to see each other in the car.

These conditions combined to allow me to work in an all-girls workplace for an extended period of time.

In my case, I think it was a combination of these conditions that worked for me.

Since the suitability for each person is different, I hope this is just a reference to see what is available.

And once again, I was reminded that when jumping into a workplace full of girls, it is important to determine if it is a comfortable environment to work in....

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