If you don't want to respond to a line, don't. I felt lighter once I let go of my ties.

You are free to return the line or not. human relations

You might say I'm cold, or that I'm not a person, but...

Today I want to talk about the issue of whether or not to reply back on line. It's like one of those light hearted routines.

This is the most refreshing thing that has happened recently, I used to think that I should never reply to a line.

Of course, if it is an emergency situation that requires a response, I will return it immediately.

However, casual conversations in daily life, such as a one-way report from the other party saying, "This is what happened today. For example, a one-sided report from the other person, such as "This is what happened today," is not an obligation to return or not return.

Actually, this is something one YouTube bar said to me and I thought, "Oh, sure!" I thought.

It is up to us whether or not to respond to emails and lines. I think it's a very natural thing.

I have been
I got a line or an email = I should return it.The equation "What is the best way to get a job?

In the past, when I received such lines, I often forced myself to go along with them, even if I was not in the mood to return the line.

Not that the other party should respond! It is not that I was required to do so. It was simply a rule in my mind.

Perhaps the other person may think, "Hey, why didn't they reply back to me?" But if they really wanted a reply, they would send a reasonable line of content first.

And if the other person sends me a report line and I don't return it according to my mood, and he gets angry because of it, that's not a good relationship, is it?

Except for urgent matters, reply to lines and e-mails.
If I feel like I want to return it, I return it; if I don't want to return it, I don't return it.
It is now running.

And what a change it made in my mind to do that.

I feel lighter.

That is to say. As you might have guessed....

So I told you about one of my current lighthearted routines, "It's up to you whether or not you return the line.