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[blog] I want a gap... I'm decluttering daily to be lighter.

I want to be light. spiritual
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Don't you sometimes feel like throwing things away or decluttering?

I have, you know.

Why do I do it? Because we want to be light. Not just stuff.Relationships are also decluttered.And you can do it. It's kind of like decluttering, or just organizing.

We are always thinking about all kinds of things in our minds. How much information is my brain processing every second?

And so it's exhausting, and it's a source of anxiety and a source of stress.

So, that's the only reason. I don't intend to explain the spirituality involved or the deep psychology? I don't intend to explain it in a spiritual way (and I can't explain it in the first place), but I'm just saying that this is how I do things and this is how I feel.

Forced reset like a life transitionAfter I got sick, I realized that there are invisible forces in this world that I don't understand, and after my health broke down, I realized how important it is to have a relaxed mind.

No, it's important...really. It's called room for the mind. And it also leads to headroom.

Because, let's face it, just by reducing the number of things you see, your brain will process less, right? And it would be so much easier to clean. You don't have to think about storage space and organize furniture and supplies.

Because you can just put it there. Because organizing means there's an amount of stuff that needs to be organized.

The other day, I got up off my ass and did the clothes decluttering that I had been meaning to do. It was a chore, but I did it. Then I felt a sense of accomplishment.

Because there are clothes that I haven't worn in three years since I bought them, and if I haven't worn them in three years, I won't wear them in the future.

Hypothetically, one could think of keeping it from a collector's point of view, but if you were a collector, you'd want to look at it every day (or not?).

But I just shoved them in my closet and never looked at them, never wore them, and just left them there. It wasn't so much that I wanted to own it anymore, it was just a feeling of waste.

I also threw away the white shirts in the folded clothing. I didn't want to wear them because I didn't want them to get dirty, but I got rid of them because I didn't want them to get dirty and I didn't think I would ever wear them again.

If you feel like wearing a white T-shirt again, just buy it then.

And the crevices in the closet!

So when you see a gap, you think, "Oh... good. If you have fewer clothes you don't wear, you don't see as many extra clothes, so you are less likely to get lost in your wardrobe. And the "I'll have to throw it out someday..." feeling you get every time you clean will also decrease (i.e., less stress).

By the way, I am not aware of feng shui or anything like that. I was once into feng shui, but I've given that all up. I don't care at all about luck~ or anything like that. Everything is just whether I feel refreshed or not, that's all.

Also, I'm going to organize things like subscriptions, newsletter cancellations, and other small things.

If you remove as many "what should I do?" items as possible, you will have less things to think about. I think it makes me feel lighter in my head.

But sometimes there is a gap, and another thought comes to mind.

There's absolutely no need to force a reduction.

For a while, the words "decluttering" and "minimalist" were in vogue, and it seemed that some people were forcing themselves to throw things away, but that was inconvenient. It would be very difficult to deal with the consequences of not throwing things away or not decluttering at all.

The criteria for discarding is solely, "If I discard this, will I feel better about myself?" is the criterion. And that criterion is something that only you can know. Only you know what you need.

No matter how much you search on the Internet, you won't find anything that only you know.

(We talked about this earlier."something wrong(This story goes along with the story of the "I'm not sure.")

I just felt refreshed. Is this what the rumored simple life is all about?

The visibility is good and it is very easy to clean. Because there are no obstructions, vacuuming is very easy.

I only use the dishes I have, so I don't have to think about the size or material of the dishes when arranging them.When things are gone, there is no need for storage items.

In my case, I do this because it clears my mind and clears my head to see only what I need and the gaps, rather than a closet, a cupboard, or anything else that is neatly and neatly squeezed into place.

It's a great way to reduce daily stress, and it's a great way toThis kind of accumulation raises the level of happiness every day.I think it's a small thing. Well, it's really a small thing.

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