I've been in orthodontics for 5 years, and I think there are 5 things that are hard about being in orthodontic treatment.

Five things that are hard to do when you're in braces. Life matters

I have been wearing braces for about 5 years now.

After having been in orthodontic treatment for such a long period of time, you may notice things like, "This is painful," or "Oh, this is a common occurrence in orthodontic treatment. This food is dangerous," "It's hard to wear braces in such a situation," and so on.

So this time I would like to talk about five such painful things about braces (orthodontic problems).

Five things I found hard when I was straightening up.

(The type of braces we are talking about here are the ones where the orthodontic appliances are placed on the surface of the teeth.)

Painful thing about wearing braces 1: Immediately after putting on the braces, the braces hit various places and hurt.

Orthodontic appliances are generally called brackets, which are attached to each tooth.
Brackets for orthodontics

This hurts when I first put it on.

The flesh on the back of my cheeks or the back of my lips hurts when I hit the bracket.

Eventually, it would become a mouth ulcer, and when I ate, I would hit the mouth ulcer with the food.Super painful.The following is a list of the most common problems with the

After a week, the area of the mouth sores (where the brackets are hitting) will get used to the brackets and the mucous membrane will become stronger, or it will stop hurting, but until then, it is hard.

Painful thing about having braces 2: It's agonizingly painful right after the adjustment date.

While wearing braces, I see the doctor once a month or every three weeks, and this is when the wires are changed or modified. They can be tightened.

The doctor would use wires and rubbers to correct how much the teeth had moved and how to move them...............................It was very painful for a week after this was done.

It is this UP period that people doing orthodontics say is painful and painful.

Naturally, I couldn't chew food because it hurt, and even though it was just a painful tooth, the pain doubled when I chewed while eating.

Painful thing about having braces 3: Loxonin doesn't work like a charm.

Loxonin is sometimes prescribed after dental work or for pain relief.

It is a well-known drug that can relieve pain with immediate effect, such as headaches and menstrual cramps, but it is also effective for dental pain.

And since it was prescribed during dental treatment, I thought it would help with the pain during orthodontic treatment. I took it, but it had no effect on my braces....

So the pain of orthodontic treatment is just a matter of waiting for it to ease naturally. In my case, it is always one week. That week is just painful and long.

Painful thing about having braces 4: I can only eat tofu and yogurt while in pain.

During this adjustment period, of course, they cannot eat hard foods like rice crackers, fruits and vegetables like apples and cucumbers, or even bread.

The food hurts too. I am.

So I always ate only yogurt or tofu for the first week after the adjustment.

So you will lose a little weight during that period. Because I physically eat less.

As a girl, I appreciate it...but when I can eat normally, I'll be happy and eat a lot, so I'll go back to the way I was.

Painful thing about having braces 5: The rubber turns yellow when I eat curry.

When you attach the wires to the brackets, you fix a rubber to each bracket.
To prevent the wire and bracket from shifting, and vice versa.

Elastic for orthodontics
But if this rubber is transparent, it turns into that color when you eat curry or coffee.

Recently, these rubbers come in a variety of colors, so if they were colored rubbers, there might not be such a concern.

Transparency is more prone to discoloration.

Also, fine food gets stuck. It clogs up a lot.

It's super hard to make hijiki stew and other small things.


Correction is actually often painful.

But I can put up with this for the sake of beautiful braces, and once you get used to it, it's not that hard (although it is hard).

And when I see that my braces are gradually getting better and better, it makes me feel like I'm doing my best, even though it's hard.

Let's get over it for beautiful dentition.