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Blog] Hello Talk has an unusually large number of people who are looking to meet people.

I used the Hallow Talk app. Study & Lesson
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An app that is insanely popular among English language learners.Hello TalkThe following is a list of the most common problems with the

I am using HelloTalk all over the place right now to learn English, aren't I?

It would be nice if it were simply a language app that only attracted learners, but it turns out that's not really the case.

There are many so-called "dating kitchens"... (sad)

I've noticed that there are a lot of things I need to pay attention to when using HelloTalk.I would like to speak honestly about what I think from a woman's perspective.

Before I go any further, I'd like to conclude that HelloTalk.It depends on how you feel about it and how you use it.Very useful and excellent appisThe following is a list of the most common problems with theThat said, be careful in the dating world.It's like.

Careful not to misjudge the original purpose!

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HelloTalk is extremely popular among language learners.

HelloTalk HelloTalk - English-Korean Study & Language Exchange

HelloTalk HelloTalk - English-Korean Study & Language Exchange

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If you are a language learner, you have probably heard of this application at least once.

It's like a community app (like a SNS) used by language learners around the world. It's a useful tool for making language partners, correcting each other, and teaching each other on the app.

And the learning contents prepared by HaloTalk's management are also available, which is truly a great app for language learners.

The download is free, and although basic operation is available, upgrading to a higher level of functionality is possible.

HelloTalk is like Twitter in English.

The first thing I thought about when I was using the app was the timeline feature within the app.

Various people tweet their thoughts like a Twitter timeline.

It really is like Twitter.

And why did I say it was like Twitter in English?Native language is JapaneseandThe target language of study is EnglishSo, in the system, what appears on my timeline are the tweets of native English speakers.

So, inevitably, a lot of English is being spoken.

Perhaps this is how the system works? I'm thinking ↓↓↓

Language I am learning: English

Native language of people in my timeline: English
Languages that people on my timeline are learning: Japanese

Thanks to this, we feel like we are learning each other's native language and can efficiently find language partners, interact, and help each other.

Does Hello Talk have many dating purposes?

The so-called "dating kitchen.

There are many. There are so many.

I've heard people say, "It's not so much for dating, but it's healthy. Are you serious?" The more I think about it, the more I think about the purpose of meeting people.

I hear "I met someone on HelloTalk" on Youtube, etc., and I hope it was a good meeting, but in fact it was full of suspicious people. .....

Unfortunately, there are many cases where the person with whom I was messaging asked me if I was married, and when I told him that I wasn't but that I wasn't going to find such a partner here, he stopped contacting me. (That's about 90% of the time.)

I mean, that's what it's all about...

Just for the record.Not all are like that.

There are many people who are very serious about learning languages.In fact, I have met such serious people.

butI was surprised to see so many people who were looking to meet people.

Frankly speaking, I thought it would be more difficult to find foreigners who are serious about studying Japanese.

This is a real opinion. It's my honest opinion without discovery.

How to tell if someone is trying to meet someone on HelloTalk (my own idea)

This is just my personal opinion. I hope you will listen to it only as a reference.

And what I am going to talk about here is for Japanese women who are English learners.

Note the frighteningly model-like good looks.

I don't really care if your profile picture is cool or not (I'm here for learning purposes), justof people who have sent me messages for the purpose of dating.The percentage of good looking guys is off the charts!

Possibly... a free image or a photo of someone good looking on Instagram.

(I've seen on other sites that "some people use other people's images on HelloTalk.")

If you've ever used this dating matching app, you may havePing!I think it might be a good idea.

Matching apps are full of photos of men who look like models.

Normally, would such a handsome guy sign up for an app to look for a girlfriend?

And that's what HelloTalk is all about.

I don't want you to make the mistake of thinking that there are just good-looking people in Hello Talk. Even serious learners, in fact.

What I would like you to pay attention to is the good looking guy who sends you a message.

The possibility of dating purposes increases a little at the stage when they are sending you messages. (See below for the reasons why.)

You can still have language exchanges on the timeline, but I want you to be a little wary of good-looking people who send you messages out of the blue.

I'd like foreigners who are Japanese language scholars living in Japan to be a little more cautious.

Also, there were many of these.

In my case, I would say.Of all the people who sent me messages, there were a hell of a lot more from people living in Japan than from people living overseas.The first is that it is a very good idea to use the same type of equipment as the second.

In other words.If you both live in Japan, it's easy to meet in person once you get to know each other.From. (This is just my assumption)

A foreigner looking to meet someone might look at a woman who is an English learner in Japan.

In fact, where do you live in Japan? Where do you live? I was asked so many questions.... (Doesn't it matter where you live? (I thought)

It's kind of sad (sad).

Beware of people who prefer messages on HelloTalk to timeline comments.

There's a reason I've been saying message message message since a while ago, first of all.I want you to ping me a little when you send me a message out of the blue.I guess so.

When I first started using HelloTalk, I was returning all messages without caution, but they always decided to say something like, "Tell me about other apps. In other words, LINE.

And I knew you were going to say that.over messageWhat is it with the DM function?

There was no one who would make some tweet post on their timeline and then say "tell me about other apps" in reply.

So the message is the key.The place to be asked for a line is almost always on the message.

Asked for LINE or message app.

Please note that at this point, it is completely for dating purposes.

This is because the original language purpose can be completed on HelloTalk without using a messaging application such as LINE.

It's a translation function, AI translation, timeline exchanges, call functions, and other tools for language learning.

When he asked me why LINE, I asked him "Why LINE?" and he said "Because I want to keep in touch with you more." "What! (I felt like I should tell a more sophisticated lie.)"

If you want to keep in touch frequently, open Hello Talk and you should be able to get in touch with them right away on the app.

So why are you asking me for a line? I feel like. (Well, you're not here for the learning, are you?)

Yes, the encounter is confirmed.

I can still understand if it is asked on a timeline or by people who are somewhat close to each other through mutual correction.
But I don't understand what you mean by suddenly messaging -> LINE from no involvement, do you?

One of their most common claims is "I don't use HelloTalk much, so give me a line.

No, you're using HelloTalk right now! I mean, you're not really learning the language here!I wanted to rush in and say, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

I don't see the need to go to the trouble of exchanging contact information like LINE when we can communicate with each other on HelloTalk.

Besides, I can't rule out the possibility of something scary other than for the purpose of meeting people (is that too sensitive to the quandary?).

Things to keep in mind when using HelloTalk (speaking from a woman's perspective)

I would like to talk here about what I would like you to note about women from a woman's point of view. This may possibly be helpful to the male side as well.

It is.No need to exchange contact information (e.g. LINE app) unnecessarily.That is to say.

Because if you really want to learn a language, you can do almost everything on Hello Work.

If you want to exchange messages, you can do it within HelloTalk messages.

Why do you think ,,,, bother with LINE? Maybe you want to talk about something that you can only talk about on line? I have a hunch.

As I mentioned above, the reason is that I don't think I can be a language partner for dating or other purposes anymore when they ask me for a line. (Except after we get to know each other to some extent)

Well, it would be fine if they met through HelloTalk and developed a romantic relationship as a result, but suddenly exchanging LINE lines through's just not right.

Really.I wonder what it is.

I saw it! A true horror story I experienced in Hello Talk.

I would like to tell a small story here.

Each of the profile pictures we use on HelloTalk, as mentioned above.That is not necessarily a picture of the person in question.

Because ..... I saw the moment when "a certain uncle" changed the picture in the middle of the video.

Not strictly speaking at that moment, but when I looked at the message list and thought, "Hey, did I message this handsome guy?" and clicked on it, I found it was from someone who used to use a profile picture of a completely different person. It was the profile information other than the photo that reminded me.

The first picture I saw of the guy was honestly... not very handsome, and I kind of didn't want to get involved, so I ignored him.

However, the profile picture that was later changed was a very handsome face.

I thought, "Wow! (Seriously, don't do that.)

Well, I don't care if the profile picture is of you or not, as long as you are willing to study, I think it is perfectly acceptable to meet with them.

Something about it just kind of turned me off.

Probably when you say he's the one who messaged you, you think he's just trying to meet someone... so you look at that picture and say, "Good looking!" I wonder if there are women who repeatedly message each other with

Hello Talk is an excellent app if you use it in a way that depends on how you use it and if you use it without losing your mind.

I've talked a lot about disingenuousness and cautionary tales about the purpose of dating.Very good app if you want to learn with a proper purpose.It can be said that

This is because, as mentioned above, there are many foreign learners who are serious about learning Japanese and other languages.

They are able to accurately correct, "like", and reply to tweets that we Japanese post on our timelines.

It is also true that there are many foreigners who are not interested in such encounters.

Therefore, I think it is a very good application for language learning if you are thorough in not being distracted by people who suddenly send you messages or ask you for a line.

Moreover, the basic operation is free of charge.

If you want to use advanced learning content, you will have to pay for upgrades, but in my experience, I think free is sufficient.

It is an excellent application if you have a strong sense of purpose in language learning, as it allows you to connect with language learners from all over the world for free and become their language partner.

HelloTalk HelloTalk - English-Korean Study & Language Exchange

HelloTalk HelloTalk - English-Korean Study & Language Exchange

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What I found to be the advantages or disadvantages of using HelloTalk.

Let me tell you about the advantages and disadvantages that I can understand because I have been using it.


  • Quick response
  • They can correct your English.
  • Make friends all over the world.
  • Free of charge (some paid features available)


  • You meet a lot of people, so you have to make your own good decisions.
  • There is a footprint function for viewing profiles (if you pay, it will not be displayed).

I guess this is about it.

General Comments|Is HelloTalk good for learning English? Bad?

Overall, as noted above.Usage andAs long as you keep your objectives firmly in mind.I think HelloTalk is useful for learning English.

If you post something on your timeline and use a correction request tag such as please correct me, people in various native English-speaking languages will correct it, and you can communicate with many people in English by text or phone.

Everyone's goal is (or should be) "learning," so they are motivated to continue.

I like it! It is even more motivating when you get a push.

You can learn languages as if you were tweeting and know live English.

That said, overall, I think it is a good application if you make full use of how to use it.

People who are looking to meet people are really disturbing, though. (It's best to go through with the persistent ones.)

(Don't you have any respect for people who are genuinely studying a language? I feel like. (Crying)

Hello Talk is recommended for

I would recommend Hello Talk to these people.

  • I want to interact with foreigners in a casual manner.
  • I'm confident I won't be passed over for dating purposes.
  • I want to study a language with as little money as possible.
  • Not looking for perfect learning, likes international interaction
  • Good at teaching

I guess it would be something like this.

An aside. Before HelloTalk, I used a service called language exchange

Before I started using HelloTalk, I used to use a bulletin board called "language exchange". I used to use something like that.

I even connected with some people there and exchanged emails with them.

To be honest, the system is a bit "? I ended up quitting because there were some parts, and also because it took a long time to communicate with them by e-mail.

HelloTalk is a better choice for those who want immediate response because it allows you to connect with people from all over the world in real time.

HelloTalk HelloTalk - English-Korean Study & Language Exchange

HelloTalk HelloTalk - English-Korean Study & Language Exchange

freeposted witha priori


So, here are my thoughts on the actual use of the HaloTalk application.

As I mentioned earlier after actually using the site, I still have the impression that there are an awful lot of people who are looking to meet people.

honestySo this is Tinder!!!!There was a time when I was a little turned off.

Not all of them, of course, and of course there are many people like me who want to learn, not to meet people, and that is full of people like that in other countries as well.

So, if you identify such people on your own, and interact with them as partners, rather than just meeting them, there is a possibility that you may develop a relationship with them, or you may remain friends... who knows...

Well, that's about it.

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I am learning English in a very modest way, so if you would like to read more about it, please see the following article.

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