Story|Met a guy on a matching app and later found out he was married.

A man I met on a matching app, he was married. Love and Marriage

Matching apps are full of married people...


Here I will tell you about my experience and what you should do to avoid meeting married people.

Matching apps, married people everywhere.

That's right...

もうこれ、めーーーーーーーーーっちゃ言われて、Some kind of matching app common sense.It is so much more than that.


Not only are married people all over the place, but there are also people who are looking for business, solicitation, or, conversely, assistance.

So, sadly, it is also a place where our discernment is tested...

Some people are genuinely looking to meet people, but it's a really sad world because of people like this...

And by the way, I've been matched with a network business person.

Here's the story of that time
【体験談】ペアーズでアムウェイの男性かどうか見分けるコツ。実際にマッチングしてわかったこと - How I feel

Why are married people all over the matching apps?

This is connected to both yaris and eyes, but it is convenient to meet and do it quickly. From their point of view.

You can meet people quickly, and if you don't exchange lines, you can easily cut ties with them by leaving the app. (You can block them even if they exchange lines.)

Really, it's convenient.

My Story|After we met and stopped contacting each other, I found out he was married.

I will now tell you about my "eh..." experience.

I met a foreigner on a matching app.

Even though he is a foreigner, he speaks Japanese very fluently. I asked him to come close to my house by car (but just to be safe, I asked him to pick me up some distance away from my house) and we went on a date.

In the car we discussed each other, our jobs, and our hobbies.

A novel sense unique to foreigners? I was able to experience and immerse myself in a very good atmosphere.

Every little detail was taken care of, and I thought, "Oh...I like that.

But it gradually faded out.

I stopped contacting them.

But I had exchanged lines with this guy and he had been on my friends list for a long time.

A few months after I lost contact with him, I was sorting through my friends list and found a family photo that I had no mini-memory of...


I thought I didn't remember him at all, and when I opened the conversation screen with this person, it was him exactly.

I'm not a married man, aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh !!!!!

Yes, I know on the line after we are no longer in contact.

I thought to myself, "I'm glad we didn't get along like that..."

I mean, I was about to get into this guy, so I wasn't alert and didn't probe... I had to check out the more serious someone was going to be...

Please keep in mind that there are a lot of married people out there, and there are also a lot of people you meet and get to know well before you find out they are married, so please be careful.

Seriously, be careful, because you're really wasting your time with a married man. ・・・・ (white eyes)

I don't want to meet a married man! But the other party skillfully hides it. What should I do?

I was completely hidden from the public, so I can't say anything great about it.

But I checked online and ...

Rags and tatters, it looks like.

Married people seem to be getting quite a bit of razzmatazz. Conversations, etc.

So many posts are like "wow...I was married, safe".

It seems that those who can notice, do.

Well, if the person has given his/her real name, we can look it up even more efficiently, but people who are very careful hide that too...

andIf he was in his late 30s, good looking, unmarried, etc., I might be suspicious at that point.

Married, or has a ridiculously bad character OR has a ridiculously bad proclivity for sex.And.

I can understand if they just got divorced or something, but even this could be a lie. (Actually, they weren't married.) Or something like that.

If you have already gotten to know each other on the app or on line, maybe it is better to ask them singly and leave the text, etc.

I don't want to get into trouble with the wife of a married man, even though I have already asked and confirmed that I don't want a married man...

It's just a waste of time, and I definitely don't want to complicate things by having an affair or something. I don't want to have an affair!


So, I would like to share with you my "Was this person married?

True, married people using matching apps. What do they think we are doing, looking for a girlfriend...

It's like that, isn't it?