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[Blog] I'm not very good at talking with hairdressers. It's my job, so I can't help it.

I don't like talking to my hairdresser. Thoughts.
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I'm not a good conversationalist in the beauty salon.

I know the hairdressers won't feel good if I tell you this.

(I know it's part of the job. I know it's part of the job description, but...)

And you know why I'm not very good at it in the first place?

A conversation that begins with "What do you do for a living?

I spend a lot of effort to have a conversation with people, and if it's the first time I meet someone, I have to be even more careful.

There were times when we would talk for an entire small hour, even if it was just light chit-chat, and I would be exhausted after leaving the hair salon.

It's not like I'm friends with the hairdresser. If you become a regular, it's a bit of a different story... (I'll tell you later, being a regular liberated me.)

I have nothing against hairdressers.

I wonder what is at the end of a conversation that goes that far....

(I've seen some beauty salons nowadays where you can choose whether you want to have a conversation or not when you make an appointment. (Oh, but there was a pattern of people talking to me even though I had chosen not to have a conversation, probably due to a mistake.)

I was thinking, "I feel like I have to take care of myself every time I get a haircut," when I found a beauty salon. It was a small store run by a private individual.

That's not a restaurant where there was an option I didn't want to have a conversation with, but I'm going to go out on a limb.

May I read the book you brought?" I asked.

Actually, reading in a beauty salon is quite concentrative for me, lol.

That way we don't have to have a conversation.

However, they now seem to respect my style and don't talk to me more than the minimum necessary. Thank goodness.

I think it is totally OK to at least read a book in most beauty salons. (Sometimes people think it's unusual, but I prefer books to magazines.)

I was nervous inside, but as a result, he readily agreed. Yes, I am a bit nervous to ask such a question.

Naturally, no conversation ensues, and I can immerse myself in the world of my favorite book (which I can't read during dryer time, lol).

Oh...I thought this might be a good idea.

I do what is called "pile-reading," or stacking up books that I have bought without reading them, so I am glad that the time I spent at the beauty salon was a good time to read and get rid of my picky-reading. And I don't have to make conversation.

From a beauty parlor perspective, does this make me a bad customer?

And I thought from this experience.

I hate my (sorry) beauty parlor conversations! Based on the feeling that

I've taken action to make it a reading time, and that means it's turned into a pleasant time. I have less patience.

(I've been trying to cut down on my own ties or rules lately. (I've been trying to shave off my own ties or rules recently.Replying to a call, etc.(And so on)

I don't want to view the time spent at the beauty salon as something to be endured. We want to have our hair cleaned.

But at first, I thought, "What if they think I'm a weird customer?", "What if they think I'm a nuisance to the hair salon?", "What if I'm rather a floater reading books?

I was worried about the mystery. Haha lol.

So, one of our daily lives has become a pleasant one~!

That's what I'm talking about! LOL!

Thanks for reading all the way to the end today!

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