For those who have difficulty in releasing stress. A story about realizing that you may be able to vent your emotions through writing.

Stress Relief through Writing Thoughts and experiences

What I've noticed recently

I actually had no other way to release stress when I was irritated than to eat or sleep.

It turns out that writing it out on the blog like this helps relieve a bit of stress.

Stress relief is something I could only find in the following ways.

  • Karaoke = Emotional clearing by speaking out loud
  • Eating = tasting food and distracting from stress through a sense of well-being
  • Sleep = rest the brain and distract from stress

About this much.

I thought that blogging was more like creating something rather than venting some emotion, and I thought it was not a venting experience.

But the other day, in a conversation with someone

Guther!!!! Mukher !!!!

I've had that happen.

I should have told him directly... I have some regrets....

Oh, I should have told you...!

And, gusssser!!!!!!! And then I get pissed off, and then I can't get away from that feeling from me, and that feeling just keeps growing and growing.

Ohhhhhhhh !!!! I was like. I can't scream. (Noise complaints coming)

This is not good. I need to relieve some stress! Sleep! But I am not sleepy. (I'm rather irritated and can't knead.)

And you thought. I thought, "Let's put it in writing.

Oh, I don't mean to ramble on about that person.

Why was I irritated with myself! That's what I focused on.

You say that irritation always has to do with your innermost feelings, right?

In my case, it had to do with family issues.

I don't think the other party had any ill intentions, but I thought to myself, "Why should I be told that much by you, a stranger?

So, I'll write a blog that touches on me and the underlying reasons why these feelings have moved me.

If it were just bad words, they would come out quickly and smoothly, but posting a blog full of just negative energy on the Internet will not make you feel good about yourself afterwards, and the people who read your blog will not feel good about reading bad words about someone they don't even know.

And as I wrote the blog, I began to develop a kind of solution to the problem, and my feelings gradually became more organized, and I felt a little clearer. It is also possible that time has simply solved the problem.

Did my negative emotions transfer to the written word? (No, but I don't feel like I owe you that much for the content of my blog.)

I don't know the mechanism.

But as a result of transcribing it, I am sure that it helped me relieve some stress, so I think this might be a good way to relieve stress.

If I feel stressed again, I will write letters, and I will continue to do this.