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My experience as a woman trying to do free hugs. I've heard people say I'm crazy.

About Free Hugs Thoughts.
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Let me tell you about the "free hugs" I used to do when I was a student.

Free hugging is weird, crazy, what is it that women do? I will talk about such things from the perspective of a person who has experienced it.

This is just my personal opinion, so please don't take it personally.

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What I, as a woman, think of free hugs.

Free hugs.

When I was in college, maybe two or three times? I did it a couple of times when I was a college student. In a park in Tokyo.

Free hugging is probably an unfamiliar term nowadays.

There was a video on YouTube, I believe, a few years ago, of a free hugging that buzzed? It went viral.

Oh, but even recently, there was a cute video of a baby (2 or 3 years old?) hugging a free hugger overseas. or free hugging was circulating abroad recently.

What a great hugging videos are a regular topic of conversation.

Most of the free hugging videos on YouTube seem to be either heartwarming or a bit touching. I feel that most of the free hug videos on YouTube are either heartwarming or a little touching.

I think there were a certain number of people who saw it and were inspired to do it, saying, "Oh my goodness, what a hug!

And I'm a huge hugger. I've always loved them, and I've always hugged my friends of the same sex.

Japanese people do not have a hugging culture, so they do not hug people unless they are close friends.

When I was a college student, a returnee friend of mine said, "You see free hugs abroad sometimes - free hugs", and that was my first encounter with free hugs.

Then, I tried it with my friend at a park. It seems that a lot of foreigners come to that park, and when we went there, there were a lot of foreigners there.

Oh! I remember getting excited thinking, "If there are so many foreigners with a hugging culture, then this must be a free hugging paradise.

They were giving free hugs to the foreigners, showing them a cardboard box that said "Free Hugs" on it, as if to say "Look, look! and they hugged each other for free.

They came from far away, and that was a joy.

I was nervous at first. But soon it cleared up.

I loved hugging, even if only with good friends." I didn't have much resistance to "hugging people. I was not afraid of foreigners, partly because I took English conversation classes when I was a child.

By the way, I also hugged a Japanese person. I was honestly happy that the other person came to me even though they were fidgeting.

The moment we hugged, I felt flustered and emotional.

Is this the so-called "free hug" effect?

Oh, I don't think about world peace or anything like that at all, I am only interested in my own peace.

But later I realized that I only have good memories of free hugs. But I thought that this might depend on the occasion.

I will discuss this in the next chapter.

Free hugging is considered crazy and weird, apparently.

I can understand that opinion and feeling a great deal. That's right, I thought.

Japan is not a hugging culture by nature, and even shaking hands can be a bit of a surprise.

Hugging a complete stranger is unbelievable to some people, and why would you do that! I think it's natural to think, "Why would you do that?

So I have no intention of saying, "Don't say that," or "Listen to my opinion, too.

And I'm not that interested in free hugging anymore, nor do I want to do it.

(Oh, I still totally love hugs.)

At the time, I tried free hugging because I like hugging, but then I thought, as I mentioned earlier, maybe it depends on the occasion.

The park where I free hugged was an international park with more foreigners than Japanese, and there were many foreigners (i.e., no hugging resistance). Well, there are probably some foreign countries that do not have a hugging culture.

So he was quick to respond with a hug.Because huggers were usually friendly people.The conversation afterwards was a bit more lively.

No strange people came.

The point is that no strange people came, and the reason I think "free hugs were fun" is because I didn't hug any "strange" people.

Some of them have cute kids.

But if...If someone came to hug me who seemed to have a very bad ideology, someone who seemed to be flying off the handle, or someone who was covered in vomit (although there is no such person), I would have run away.

I later realized that we were able to do this because we were "free" and no one who looked like a bad person would come.

I'm not one to reject what comes my way, and if someone comes who looks like they could be in trouble, I'm going to reject them, but that may cause a gap with the free hugs that people think of.

As I said in the beginning, I have always liked hugs between medium-good people. So maybe that goes along with the point that hugs with people I find uncomfortable are subtle.

If I were asked if I would recommend free hugging to others in a world where some people might be in danger, I would have to be subtle.

It's like if you like it, you can do it, and if you don't like it, you don't have to do it.

But you never know what kind of people will show up, and these are the times we live in...

However, there are some who are active free huggers.

Hugging will increase the level of happiness among people who like to hug each other. If the logic is that the more people whose happiness level goes UP, the closer to peace we will eventually get, then it is not hard to understand.

But I don't care. I'm of the school of thought that I would rather keep my own peace first than to uphold world peace.

As a free hugger, this is a very cold and realistic statement, but it is my honest feeling.

But I still like hugs themselves very much.

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