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I bought Mpow earmuffs because the noise made it difficult to concentrate on meditation and they were comfortable.

I used ear muffs. Gadget Review
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I have recently become addicted to meditation.

So, I'm trying to do it by looking at various books and youtube, but the noise outside is too loud and I can't concentrate. The walls of my house are very thin.

So I bought ear muffs. These are soundproof headphones.

Not many people have tried it, so I gave it a shot.

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I want to meditate. But I can't concentrate because of the noise.

Recently, I read a book on meditation and thought, "I want to start meditating! I thought, "I want to start meditating!
There are many ways to meditate? There are many ways to meditate, but the basic idea is to relax and be aware of your breathing.

But I can hear a lot of outside noise in my house, so I feel relaxed...or rather, distracted by the sound, which makes me feel delicate.

Meditation is not about concentrating on something, so I thought it would be okay even if there was noise. But when I actually tried it, I found that I was distracted and my thoughts were disorganized (in my case).

However, I also hear that it is good to concentrate on the sound and listen to it without being obsessed with silence.

If you are more comfortable with that, you can listen to your favorite free music on YouTube and use it for meditation. Quiet music like the following. You can find a large amount of music on YouTube.

Reason for purchasing earmuffs instead of earplugs

So the first thing I thought of when trying to block out outside sound was earplugs.

But I also wanted to listen to music for meditation with earphones, so I concluded that earplugs would not work.

The solution we found there is.Earmuffs!

I thought that Airpods would work with this, and regular earphones would also work (although the cords would stick out of the ear muffs).

Mpow earmuffs I purchased this time

Buy Mpow Earmuffs

I bought it on Rakuten because the reviews were good and the product description made it sound like it would be of some quality.
And when I bought it.It was 40%OFF over list price.I'm not! about2000 yenI think it was about 1.5 times as much as that.

  • Product model number MPHP044AR
  • Product weight 331 g
  • Size 20.2 x 15.4 x 10.2 cm
  • Sound insulation value 36dB
  • Package Contents Mpow soundproof ear muffs x1 Storage bag x1 Instruction manual x1

I had no idea what MPOW earmuffs were.Well known in the industryIt looks like.

The two-layer cup sealing technology and eight layers of thick material provide excellent noise rejection with an NNR (Noise Reduction Ratio) of 29dB / SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio) of 36dB. Tested to American National Standards Institute (ANSI) S3.19 and Council of Europe EN 352-1 certification.

The flexible, one-piece headband completely covers the ear for a close fit, and the earmuffs can be used comfortably for long periods of time, even in noisy places.

The earmuffs can be worn by both children and adults. The head part is adjustable, so it can be worn by both children and adults.

In addition, it is made of industrial grade reinforced synthetic material, so it will not easily loosen or crack even after long-term use.

I purchased mine for meditation this time, but of course it can be used in many other situations. For example

Fireworks displays, explosive events, mowing, grinding and polishing, road and construction cutting, grinding, woodworking, motor sports, reading, studying, sleeping, etc. ....

Impressions] I actually use Mpow's earmuffs.

The day it arrived, I immediately installed it.

My first thought was.It really is soundproofed. (This is only natural, because it would be the opposite if it were not soundproofed.)

Our house is really noisy outside. The walls are thin. When trucks and motorcycles pass by, bub bub bub bub bub bub bub bub bub bub bub bub bub bub bub bub.

But if you wear ear muffs, thoseNoise is considerably dampenedThe first is that it is a very good idea to use the same type of equipment as the second.

However.It's not completely silent.I can recognize the sound like, "Maybe the bike just passed by."

I've never used earmuffs before, so I can't compare them to others.There is a huge difference between wearing it and not wearing it.So I am glad I bought it.

Also, please note that it is adjustable, so even as an adult woman I was able to slip it on, but my personal opinion is that some people may find the tight fit at first...?

It is very airtight, so some people may find it hard to get used to. (I have a big head. (I have a big head. I felt it was a little tight.)


This is the first time in my life that I have purchased soundproof ear muffs and I am glad I did.

It is not completely blocked, but it has served its purpose of concentrating for the purpose of meditation^.

I will continue with this for a while.

Eventually, I would like to be able to concentrate on meditation without ear muffs.

Gadget Review
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