Eat what you want! Beef and Spirituality. Assumptions are implied and rejection of beef. This is bad.

Assumptions and Dining spiritual

Is this a good or bad thing ....

To be honest, I am still unable to answer this question for myself.

Before we talk about this, I want to tell you first of all.

I'm not talking about how you feel lighter after living a meat-free life, or how meat is still bad for you, or how your body has adapted to the spic and span.

I am extremely realistic and easily doubt everything. I don't want everything to be intertwined with spi...

I like to live a spiritual life (but not fluffy spirituality), but I don't intend to say anything that involves anything spiritual.

Back to the story.

Today, for the first time in a long time (like 6 months?) You ate a beef bowl.

Beef bowl...i.e. beef.

Some in the spiritual community say, "Beef has heavy vibrations," or "It contains energy that has suffered," or "You shouldn't eat four-legged meat. "Well, many people avoid it for various reasons.

Is this controversial in the spi industry? I see this as a controversial topic. I'll talk about it somewhere else at a later date: ....


I suddenly became interested in spirituality and the universe in 2019, and before that I ate beef, pork, and chicken normally.

I ate beef bowls, pork cutlets, yakiniku, and all meat-based foods. Or rather, I liked it.

Moreover, meat is often diet-friendly because of its low sugar content, so I sometimes ate it for that purpose.

But, as I told you at the beginning of

After I heard about the "beef is - four-legged meat is" story, I decided, "I'm going to give it a try and try to live without beef and pork for a while.

Oh, even though I've always loved meat, I love it so much I can't stand living without it! I didn't feel as much as I would have liked, so I was able to start living a meatless life rather quickly.

Actually, withdrawal symptoms than I thought? I didn't think "I want to eat~" (I was eating chicken), so I was totally comfortable with it. This surprised even me.

I'll be fine with just chicken as it is - that's what I thought.

Today, you mysteriously and irresistibly thought, "Today is beef bowl," so you bought it and ate it.



"Oh ・・・・・ delicious...yay?"


Before I cut back on meat, I would have said, "Hyahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Meat Meat~!!!!" I would have been the one who would have been...

I mean, I'm not as excited as usual.

A change in taste, or perhaps a change in emotion? I felt a

I don't feel the joy of eating as much as usual.

Perhaps, just perhaps, it was my mind's feeling that beef should not be eaten that made me think that. So called, implied.

Don't eat this food! The implication is that.

Frankly, that possibility is great.

Body not accepting beef = spicially correct (?) But I'm not so sure about that.

And maybe it is simply because I hadn't eaten anything for six months and hadn't eaten in a long time, so my body reacted in a mysterious way.

(I've never experienced anything like this in my life, like feeling uncomfortable after eating for the first time in a long time.)

I can't say it well, but I think it is best when food is eaten in a way that is inherently delicious and gratifying.

I intend to do that again this time, beef, and I'm going to enjoy it! But the more I ate, the more I was smothered in the food. stomach started to feel sick...and unusually for me, I was unable to finish the meal.

Is this really a good thing? If it is because I have a constitution that is not good for beef, and I happened to set aside half a year to not eat it, and my body reacted as it should have, then it would be good, but honestly, I can't judge.

Besides, meat-based products are hard on the stomach (in terms of digestion), and I'm totally OK with not being able to accept meat because I have a slight atopy and have been wanting to tear up pork since I realized I can't have pork.

Besides (and this is a bit off topic), I think that the Japanese are more suited to a fish diet than a meat diet because of their DNA.

I'm not sure if ...... this is a good thing or not.

Actually, it is possible that it is simply aging and can no longer tolerate the fat.

If my "No beef!" If the thought of "this is not good for me" is affecting my depression, then in a sense I am putting a restriction on myself, not only in terms of food but also in terms of "this is not good for me".

This is exactly how my body reacted this time.

It's not that I'm holding back from eating beef, it's simply that I can no longer accept it, and I'm not at all sure if this is really the right thing to do, but I thought I'd leave it here for the record.

Have you ever had this experience?