The idea that there are many people who have it harder than you is pretty bad. I'll tell you the end result of being paralyzed in thinking by corporate livestock.

I finally figured it out. What do you start with when it comes to reducing stuff? My method of decluttering my stress-buying hoard.

Reducing stuff, from what? Thoughts.
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In this issue, I will discuss my tips for decluttering.

It is not a big deal; it is a really simple approach.

I really feel that it is true that it becomes easier when you reduce the number of things.

It gives me a lot of peace of mind. (Real-life experience)

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If I really need it, I use it right away. If I like it, I see it in my eyes.

First, let me talk about this item first, because I think you should keep this to yourself.

I thought, "I can tell if one of the things I bought is something I really wanted by what I do after I buy it.

I tend to buy things when I am stressed or when I feel something is missing in me. It's called "stress buying.

When I buy, I need every one of them! I buy them because I need them! I buy them because I think I need them.

(Stress shopping is a stress reliever - a kind of pleasure)

But at the time of purchase, you don't know if it's a stress purchase or something you really need.

In my head, I think I'm buying something thinking, "I needed this..." But in fact, it's not a need, it's a stress buy.

For example, when I go to a 100-yen store, I find a variety of fun and useful goods and buy a lot of kitchen items and other things that I think I need.

But sometimes after I buy something, I leave it there for a long time.

If you really needed it, you would use it right away. But you don't take it out of the bag as you bought it.

If it was something that I really needed or wanted, I would immediately take it out of the bag and put it where it belongs, move it to its proper place, or use it, or take some other action.

In my case.

But the fact that they didn't do that means they didn't need to.

Even if it is for collection purposes, if it is a collection, wouldn't you put it where you can see it? (I've never collected anything as a collection, so I'm just guessing...but if you were a collector, wouldn't you put it where you can see it right away after you buy it?)

So, three weeks ago I went to Uniqlo and bought some clothes.

This dress looks good!" I need it!" I thought, "I need these clothes! But then I realized that I hadn't taken it out of the bag for a long, long time.

Bought and satisfied.

Buy and pleasure.

So this was a stress buy for me.

Because if I really needed it, I would take it out of the bag and wear it right away.

But I left it unworn. I realized that this was a waste of money due to stress.

Stress causes people to shop and vent. This naturally leads to more stuff in the house.

It is very important to relieve stress, but I would rather relieve stress by doing something that is not stressful buying than stressing out later that I have too much stuff. I'd rather release stress by doing something other than stress shopping.

What exactly should I start throwing things away? My tips for decluttering

Based on the above, I would like to share with you what I think are some tips for decluttering.

What in the world do I start with when I throw things away? I have encountered this problem many times myself, so I totally understand the feeling of being at a loss as to where to start.

I am.As for the question, "Where do I start?", the items that are not in use or not seen on a daily basis are the candidates for elimination.

Clothing for starters. Clothing: !!!!

This was the easiest way for me to get started. Because I could immediately determine whether or not I would be wearing it on a regular basis.

I have a bunch of clothes at home that I haven't worn in three years.

If I hadn't worn it in three years, I wouldn't wear it in the future! I told myself.

I asked myself, "No, I just don't wear it, but I want to keep it because I'm kind of a collector, don't you?" But I decided that was not the case.

Because in my case, the clothes I hadn't worn for more than three years hadn't really been on my radar for those three years, and I had even forgotten they existed.

If I had liked those clothes, if I had wanted to collect them, I would have remembered their existence and displayed them where I could see them. But I didn't do that, I just pushed them to the back of my closet and left them there.

Maybe this means it was bought with my aforementioned stress buy and wasn't originally needed by me (and I decided on my own).

So, it is going to the garbage bag.

Next, the tableware !!!!!

"Woo hoo!!!! Cute dinnerware! Maybe I'll use them!" So I threw away some dishes that I only use about twice a year.

Because the more dishes you have, the more storage items you need to organize them.

Thinking back, there was a certain type of tableware that I always used. Standard tableware of a size and weight that is easy to handle. In other words, that is the tableware that I need.

Like that, the dishes I really need are the ones I use on a daily basis. I thought to myself that whether I use them or not is the basis for my decision to declutter.

So are shoes, and stationery.

I used to own storage goods that I was forced to put unnecessary things in, but if the number of unnecessary things decreases, the storage goods that stored those unnecessary things will also become unnecessary.

We proceeded in this manner.

I just have to warn you, don't try to force me to throw it away! That's what I mean.

If you throw away even the things you need, you will have to buy more, so it is crucial not to let your momentum get the better of you there.

Criteria are used or not used. (except for collection purposes)

And that standard is an area that only you know....

Throw this away! even if you are told to do so, because even if it is written on the Internet, if it is necessary for you, you should not throw it away.

For example, if it says, "Throw away your stuffed animals! but if you are buying it for your own collection, you shouldn't throw it away.

That's how I got rid of things I wasn't using, starting with clothes for starters.

It is very simple.

Separation of RelationshipsThis is how we are proceeding as well. We will not be involved in relationships that we have not been in contact with for several years.

I often mention decluttering on this blog, because I myself have found that it is easier when you reduce stuff.

I think that forcing people to throw things away is the end of the line, and it is conversely stressful to throw away the whole thing, or all of one's possessions.

If you determine what you need or don't need, and then keep only what you need, your mind and your room will be clear. It is quite easy, so I practice it.

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