The idea that there are many people who have it harder than you is pretty bad. I'll tell you the end result of being paralyzed in thinking by corporate livestock.

My experience] The end of my two years of enduring the stress of crowded trains and the end of my life.

Stress of crowded trains work
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I am in the pastHarsh commute with 3 transfers every morning for about 2 years, all cars packed.I have been a member of the

Three transfers and all the trains are full... I'm amazed I survived it.

The stress of crowded trains was so painful that I lost a lot of nerve.

And I will tell you about the details of such a harsh experience, what was waiting for us further down the road, and the solutions we tried.

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My Story. Two years of enduring the stress of a crowded train...

I never thought I would endure two years of a packed train commute.

After two years of enduring crowded trains, you can discover all sorts of "aha" moments.

I don't mean to appeal that it was hard, but let me tell you about my experience of feeling stressed by such things.

Stress of crowded trains 1: You can't move at all, there is no personal space at all.

As you can imagine. It's packed and you can't move at all.

Left, right, back and forth, close to people. Personal space is zero. Rather, it is negative.

And everyone is on edge. Such things are contagious, and you spend a lot of time in a negative atmosphere, with stares and sighs.

And because I can't move, I can't even get into a comfortable position for myself.

This is super stressful at first.

Stress of crowded trains 2: Wi-Fi router cuts out quickly

This is only for those who have a wifi router, but doesn't wifi cut out quickly when you go to a crowded place?

I think it would probably be cut off by other wifi signals.

Of course the trains are packed with people, and there are many people with wifi.

So you want to try to drown out some of the stress by fiddling with your phone in the little space you can occasionally have, but you're pretty much cut off.

Stress here too!

Stress of crowded trains 3: Even a bad smell becomes even worse.

In summer and winter, this is very noticeable.

Especially in the summer.Perfume + foundation scent + underarm sweat from various peopleThe nose collapses at the

I have rhinitis, but I still feel it, so people with good noses are seriously stressed.

Masks were required on some days.

The perfume? The fragrance itself is nice, but when blended with the smell of foundation and sweat in it, it is quite harsh.

And there's a mysterious smell.

It is not about who smells bad, but the smells of various people are concentrated in the small space of a vehicle, and the smells become worse.

The stress of the smell can be unbearable.

Crowded Train Stress 4: Clothes become miserable on rainy days

Everyone has an umbrella on rainy days, so drops of water often wet them from the waist down.

It would be nice if it were a folding umbrella, but most people ride with plastic umbrellas.

Then what would make you angry on a crowded train...

My clothes, they get soaked.

This is soooo stressful!

So my favorite clothes are never worn on rainy days.I can't wear it.

I can't stand to get wet in the rain, but I can't stand to get wet in a crowded train.

It gets dirty.

Stress on crowded trains 5: Glancing at you when your body makes contact even though it's not your fault.

This isFairly stressful.It was.

In a crowded train, when people get on, they are pushed with great force, right?

I was naturally caught up in the momentum and became a pusher.

Then the person in front of me would glance back at me.

It wasn't my fault, but they glanced at me, and I could hear them in my mind...


Of course, I couldn't say, "I'm the one who was can't be helped.

That look of anger.Stress: !!!!

There's only so much you can do to relieve the stress of a crowded train.

You hear about solutions like changing your commute or changing the way you think.

howeverI couldn't.

Because reality is not going to change. I thought about doing something spiritual, but I can't!

If you can stagger your commute, you should do so. It is easy to do so if you were a company that offers flexible work hours.

But I had to get up early and displace them. But then, of course.I have to get up early.

I was going home by the last train, and it was absolutely impossible for me. I wanted to sleep as long as possible in the morning, but it was absolutely impossible for me to get up early to avoid crowded trains.

Even if you think, "Be nothing..." or "Try to think about ________."After all, as long as I am in a densely packed space, that reality will never change. There was no way I could ever get my mind off of it.It is.

In my case.

simplyI'm used to the stress of a crowded train and surrendering myself to it.There was nothing else I could do except to say, "I'm sorry.

The end result that awaited me after I actually endured the stress of a crowded train.

But that situation would not last long (I've been on it for two years, after all).

Eventually, I moved out.

No, that was the only way. I knew I couldn't change the distance and time zone unless I could buy a place to work or a home.

Oh, sorry for the clichéd answer after dragging it all the way here.

Some people may not be able to move easily. Therefore, I do not intend to tell them to "move" or "change jobs" easily.

But still, I'm not.Stress of crowded trains < Difficulty of moving The first time, I took a

I'm stressed just starting a day's work, but if the morning train ride is stressful and exhausting, starting the day with a lot of fatigue is the worst, I think again.

It makes work less and less enjoyable.

I don't want to think that that is the norm for working people.

Come on! I'm going to work hard today!" I thought it was too bad that a crowded train would take away my enthusiasm.

In my personal opinion, stress can be a source of illness, so I wanted to keep my mental state as healthy as possible. In fact, I actually became ill. (It was my own fault for pushing myself into a corner.)


So I have told you about the stress of crowded trains.

After enduring it for two years, I eventually moved and am now free from the crowded trains, but I also thought, "I wish I had moved earlier and changed my environment, even if it was a bit overwhelming.

After all, crowded trains are nothing but bad things.... What is it?

Make a pleasant start to your morning to enjoy your work important, isn't it?

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