The idea that there are many people who have it harder than you is pretty bad. I'll tell you the end result of being paralyzed in thinking by corporate livestock.

I gave a piece of paper with my contact information to someone I fell in love with at first sight (from a woman) and the result was...

I gave him a piece of paper with my contact information on it. Relationship
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A shopping mall where I worked part-time when I was in college. There, I met a man at a different tenant.Love at first sight.

I boldly handed him a piece of paper with my contact information on it. I said, "Please contact me if you like.

And then, wow! He contacted me later that night.

(I look back on it now and think, "Wow...that was a bold move.)

In this issue.When I, as a woman, gave him a piece of paper with my contact information on it.andAfterwards.and furthermoreChanges that happened to usI would like to talk nakedly about such things as

*Just.There is a serious caveat.I am glad you read that far.

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I met him at the mall where I work and fell in love with him at first sight. Cool..." I fell in love at first sight with a guy I met at the shopping mall where I work part-time.

When I was a college student, I had a part-time job selling apparel at a shopping mall.

Then one day. I was passing through the common back yard of employees as usual, and I saw some big guys flapping around in their offices, as if there was a little incident.

I was so nervous, "What... what is it? What's going on?"He happened to pass by and I andSo our eyes met.

(cool ・・・・・・・・・・・・)

I took one look at him and stopped to think how cool he was.

(It was a strike for me.)

I came to myself in a panic and had a light conversation with him, saying something like, "What's wrong with that?

The conversation, though, was only a couple of words and ended quickly with, "Oh, well, I'll see you later.

I returned to my store and went about my business as usual, thinking, "Which tenant is that guy?


Right in front of our store.

That guy back there...


Eh !!!!

Oh...I want to contact you.

I strongly felt that way.

I immediately wrote my contact information on a piece of paper and kept it in my pocket to hand over at any time.

honestly speaking, nowadayspaperI was so embarrassed and ashamed to take out my phone and exchange it in person.

The method of just handing them a piece of paper and then running away with it.I wanted to take the

I just want to hand over the paper and make a quick getaway! Tek.

The day has finally arrived.

And finally the day (the day to hand over the paper with the contact information) came.

I was working on covering the area around the store with a net during closing time.

He was just outside the store doing the same work.

He is probably alone in the store at this time.

Other stores in the vicinity were also working to close and there were few people around, and the lights were beginning to dim at the time of day.

It's now or never.

that thought

I dashed to him with my heart racing.

Me: Um...!
He: Eh! Ah, yes.

Me: Um... do you have a girlfriend?
(I was so nervous that I suddenly checked if she was there or not. (Worst))

He: What? Uh... I'm not here!
Me: What, is home or something around here?
(I was so nervous that I asked him where his house was, and I'm sure he was suspicious to the max.)

He: I just recently got transferred here.

Me: I see. I'm sorry to come out of the blue, but if you don't mind, would you mind exchanging contact information...
He: Eh! Ah, yes.

After a conversation like this, you finally handed him the paper you had been keeping in your pocket.

Me: I'm sorry, please contact me if you want.
He: What! Ah! Yes.

After that, I made a mad dash from him to my store a few steps away.

I was blushing max, but I managed to give it to him safely.

In fact, right after I handed him the paper, he said, "Why did I ask him if he was married? It's none of my business. It was too obvious and embarrassing.

But looking back now, it was probably the right thing to ask.

You can't give a piece of paper with your contact information to someone who has a girlfriend (or wife)....

About the contact handing paper

Regarding the selection of paper to give the contact information. I don't really care... lol.

A notepad? I think it was a piece of paper like that.

(Or maybe it's safer to use unmarked paper.)

What you wrote on a piece of paper to pass on to your contact

I'm a little hazy, but I think it was just an address and a light message? I think it was just an address and a light message.

It was quite a while ago, so I addressed it.Nowadays, insta? or social networking sites or something light.

(I can delete my account if I think this person might be dangerous.)

I do not recommend the number, ever, ever.

A piece of paper to give them my contact information, and I wore clothes with pockets so I could give it to them at any time.

Timing, because it is important.

I put it in a jacket pocket or something so that I could give it to him at any time.

Ah! Now's my chance!" but if the paper is in the backyard bag, it's a lost opportunity! We wanted to avoid that.

I kept it in my pocket for a few days to a few weeks? The paper was a little saggy because it was in my pocket for a few days or weeks.

This was after I gave him a piece of paper with my contact information. That evening, he contacted me.

That night, I immediately received a text message from him in reply.

What a surprise, we succeeded in getting the contact information.

The content is a bit fuzzy in my memory, but I think it was something like a light greeting letter.

I was extremely happy. (I had assumed that I wouldn't hear from you, of course.)

And he and I kept in touch several times, and then we started going on dates.

Finally, after less than a month, we decided to go out.

I had high expectations, but this early development was a surprise....

And what's more, he was the one who confessed to me.

Well, but I think it was because he was convinced that he liked me. (That's right.)

In fact, at this time, I was mildly surprised by the army of women at my part-time job.bullyingIt was a good fit for the

This happened just as I was seriously thinking of quitting, so I was glad I didn't quit! If I had quit, I would not have met this person either.

But they split up after three months.

Unexpected ending.

We broke up after a whopping 3 months. It was a very short period of time.

The reason is that as we continued to date, I gradually stopped enjoying it, and his words and actionssomething wrongThe reason is that I began to feel only like a

When I started dating, something was different.... It's like that.

You see, some people just don't get along, don't they?

Even though my face is the best strike I've ever seen.Intense discomfortcould not be ignored.

He was a very kind and nice man.

But it didn't work for me, that's all.

So I wish him all the best. I really do. Really.

[Super important! Now you know. What to keep in mind when handing over your contact information.

I wasn't very cautious at the time, and I didn't think about what they would think.

But this.It might scare some people.I think that's what I would think now.

It seems that a greater percentage of women who are given contact information feel fear than men who are given contact information feel fear.

It would be terrifying to be handed a piece of paper out of the blue by a complete stranger, if you think about it.

I was reflecting on the fact that I had been doing something pretty serious.

I happen to be successful, but you never know if that's going to work for other people.In some cases, it can end in fear.The one who gave it to me, you know.

I don't want you to be afraid to give me your contact information nowadays...I think it's better to keep it to the social networking level.I kind of think so.

Because if I think, "Oh no, this person! I can delete my account and hang up.

Summary: A piece of paper with my contact information on it became me, my lover. What I learned from this experience

I learned three things from this experience.

  1. Just because someone's face is your type doesn't mean you'll get along (people don't always get along).
  2. When you find someone you are interested in, you realize again that you can't just wait and see.
  3. I had the best time of my life when I was thrilled.

After all, you can't tell if it's a good fit until you've been in a relationship.

We ended up splitting up.If we had not approached them, I am sure they would not have approached us.I am now aware of the fact that I am not the only one who is interested in someone. So I reaffirmed that I should be proactive in talking to people I am interested in.

And then, I don't know how to say it, I still felt nervous and wondered if it was okay. Am I allowed to do such a bold thing? But I want to give it to him." That thrill of falling in love with a man in a situation where you don't know what's going to happen next.

I thought that the time when I could feel this sense of excitement must have been the most enjoyable.

No, I didn't give him the paper just for the pleasure of it.

If I had not felt so uncomfortable with him as I did, I would have wanted to stay with him.

But it was a disappointment.


I remember this kind of thing every time I go to that shopping mall.

I wonder if he is doing well? (Rumor has it that he got married.)

Now the tenant I worked for and the tenant he worked for have gone out of business and no longer exist.

Sometimes single women wish they could have that kind of love all over again. But, after all, looks alone are not enough.

It's no good.

This is how I end my episode of giving my contact information.

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