The idea that there are many people who have it harder than you is pretty bad. I'll tell you the end result of being paralyzed in thinking by corporate livestock.

Is it true that the more able people get angry? I think I was just easily offended. Memories of my boss at work

People who are easily offended. Relationship
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You know, before.Maybe I'm the type of person who gets hit too hard.I talked about this, but I would like to leave a similar experience here.

A story about a senior colleague at work who took an attitude that made me think, "Hmm?" I was told that a senior colleague at work took an attitude that made me think, "Hmmm?

I hear that the more capable people are, the angrier they get, but I'm not sure I'd want to be a party to that...Subtle!

I think it's case by case, and I'll tell you why.

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You wouldn't behave like that to other people... and that's what I thought about the experience.

A common example is the one I'm about to tell you about.

This is the story of Boss A.

Boss A was good friends with Boss B, who was younger than Boss A. I was learning my job from both of them.

In order of rank, the person most responsible is Boss A.

One day, I made a mistake of forgetting something important at a certain store. It was not that important, but a mistake is a mistake.

In response, Boss A scolded me. Of course. In response, I just thought I would honestly reflect on the situation.

A few weeks later, Boss B made the exact same kind of mistake as I did. I still remember it because I was surprised at the coincidence of making the same mistake.

I naturally thought, "Boss A is going to lose his temper again," but to my surprise, Boss A did not go through with it against Boss B.

To this I said, "What? No attention?" I was astonished.

Is this normal in society? In a manner of speaking, Boss B is in a subordinate position to Boss A.

Is it just that I want to impose my own peer pressure?

No matter how well we get along.Work is work, right?

After a few of these incidents, I lost all respect for Boss A.

In addition to this, I have been told that I hit a senior employee of a company harshly because we are good friends, or that I irritated him while he was teaching me, and he told me in an angry tone of voice.

I think the bosses around me who heard this also felt the tension and said, "He has a hard time with XX (my name)," so I think they knew what was going on.

To be honest, the senior and I were good friends.

But even if you get along well, that's no reason to hit them hard.

I don't want to be offended.Pick someone who is easy to anger.I don't like the act of being angry. If you are going to be angry, shouldn't everyone be equally angry? I think.

Is this selfishness...? (Sudden questioning style)

When I overslept and was late and apologized to my demon boss.and ... andWhen you make a mistake in answering the phoneI was not angry at my boss, nor did I think for a millimeter that he was not angry at everyone else.

(No, of course I don't want people to get mad at me, but... you know that if you make a mistake, they will get mad or pissed off at you, right? I don't disagree with that.)

The more able you are, the angrier you get? Hmmm .... I guess that's on a case by case basis.

I think there are many cases like that. They are worth polishing.

But me, in my case, I didn't feel that way.

This depends on the recipient and how he or she receives it.

In my case, I didn't think "Okay! I didn't think, "I'll do my best," but on the contrary, I was irritated because I thought, "You would never say that to another newcomer, Mr. A, would you?" I was irritated because I thought, "You would never say that to another newcomer, Mr. A, would you?

Because there were other people in the company with more potential who were worth polishing than I was. I've never seen you get angry at them. At least not in public.

Again, it's not that I don't want to get angry, it's that I don't like the act of choosing someone who is easy to anger and getting angry.

About easily offended people and spirituality

Talking about everything being spiritual.Hmmm.But spiritually speaking, I think it means that I was giving off the vibe that "it's okay to be angry" and the other person caught it.

I think there is a section that is rather like that.

But when you are new or in a weak position, you can't be bossy, and at the time, I couldn't say "Why are you so hard on me when you aren't so hard on others?

I couldn't even say straight out, "I feel hard sometimes," because I didn't know what his/her attitude would be like after that (sorry, that's my excuse).

This may be a bit off topic, but in an anime called "Jutsu Kaisen," there is a line in which a strong-minded woman says to a weak man, "You're a bully, aren't you?

From the bully's point of view, you can tell. I could smell that this guy could be bullied. The woman did not bully me, though.

So I also thought that there was no possibility that because I was in that kind of mood, I made the other party think, "I can be angry with this guy.

just becauseI don't think, "Oh, I'm sorry, I'll accept it."

Instead of accepting it, I think I need to take a firm stand in the future so that I don't give off that kind of vibe, and I intend to take that stance.

Yes. So, I may have been an easily offended person - that was my experience.

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