The idea that there are many people who have it harder than you is pretty bad. I'll tell you the end result of being paralyzed in thinking by corporate livestock.

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I took a diet consultation at Coconara. Review of selection criteria, cost, and realistic feedback.

Many of you have been spending more time at home and have gained weight. Me too. I have exceeded the weight by a surprise. I have gained weight. It is unforgivable. I can't...
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Is Udemy too cheap and stinky? My impression after actually taking two courses.

I took two courses on Udemy, an online learning platform, to experience what kind of courses Udemy offers....
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I was impressed by the conversation I had with a foreign teacher at "Rarejob", a cheap online English conversation service.

Recently, I've been wanting to learn English conversation, and recently I took a lesson at RareJob, a famous online English conversation service. I decided to go with...
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I tried the Beginner Level of the 30-Day English Brain Training Program! Review what I actually thought after taking it!

I've been really into English conversation lately, and I've finally decided to try my hand at online English conversation learning! I've finally gotten into online English conversation learning with the 30-Day English Brain Training Program....
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I took another cheap one-on-one voice training session and it was a hell of a lot of fun.

You recently took a voice training lesson at Stoaqa. I have been taking lessons at Stoaqa every so often and voiture...
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Personal Color Assessment Private Lesson at Stoaqa (blog)

I wanted to have more fun with fashion, so I took a personal color assessment at Stoaca, a place for personal versus private learning. Conclusion...
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I want to be a better singer. I took a voice training course at StoaCa - (good and bad).

Suddenly, I am very bad at singing. Whenever I go to karaoke at the after-party of a drinking party, I always smile and say, "I'm a specialist in listening to singing (hera...
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Blog] I passed the 1st class small boat license by myself in one shot! In-depth study tips

I have been thinking "I want to get a !!!! I've always wanted to get a small boat license. I passed the first class in one shot....
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