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Blog] Too much obsession with food is unhealthy...

Commitment to Food Thoughts.
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What I want to talk about today is that the more obsessive people are about food and eating, the sicker they get and the unhealthier they look.

It's a certain story in my mind.

If you ask me if I'm not concerned about food additives or pesticides, I am, but I feel there must be a limit.

At the very least, I draw a line in the sand to some extent, saying things like, "These vegetables should be pesticide-free," or "These types of foods should be additive-free.

I eat out, buy chips at convenience stores, drink alcohol, and eat ice cream, but my standards are pretty loose.

I eat junk food as well, but if there is an additive-free product that is similar to junk food, I will choose that one.

There are many delicious dashi broths that are additive-free, so I basically choose dashi broths that are additive-free.

They eat meat, but they don't eat pork because they have diarrhea from the pork fat.

Stress cheeks.It took me a while to settle down after the onset of the disease, but now I'm settled down like this.

I did a lot of research on food, googling, sns searching, youtube videos, etc.

I have also experienced with my own body what kind of food fits and does not fit. I have to feel it for myself because it is my body's own thing.

I was very particular about additives and meat-eating, and for a while I was very particular about looking at the ingredients.

So, here's a little reminiscence.

There was a bakery I used to frequent that sold bread without additives or chemical additives, which was unusual for a bakery.

Flour is also made from domestic wheat.

At the time I was pretty obsessed with it, so I went through it.

So one time I went there in the evening, and it was quite crowded.

I had paid my bill and was about to leave when I heard the waitress's loud voice behind me.

When I turned around in surprise, he said, "This is additive-free!" in a kind of volume that, if I made a mistake, might have sounded like I was yelling at him.

He was talking to a customer about the age of a grandmother, and the atmosphere was a bit tense.

The clerk was asked a question by a customer, to which she answered loudly, "No additives! It seems that the clerk answered in a loud voice.

So, I thought that he was angry because he was asked a complicated question during a busy time of the day. I only know what I saw.

I think people who are very particular about food are very concerned about the ingredients. I can understand why they would be concerned.

And since that bakery is such an additive-free type of store, it is only natural that customers who seem to be particular about food would come.

I don't know what kind of conversation was actually going on, but it was kind of agonizing. I thought, "You don't have to be so harsh.

So, this may be a little off topic, but...

I know this because I have experienced it, but if you are too particular about it, the stress will return and grow.

It's the same with processed foods, vegetables, and water.

As end consumers, we can only judge products by looking at the ingredients on the back of the product, and there is no way to go back and see the place of origin. We can inquire at the manufacturer.

I think that those who pursue it will pursue it very hard, and I wonder, isn't it hard to have a meal with peace of mind when you are so concerned about it? I think it's hard to eat with peace of mind if you're so concerned about it.

It's delicious! I wonder if it's safe to eat?" Don't you worry more than the feeling of "Is this safe to eat?

I have often heard that people who only take in organic and additive-free foods are not as enthusiastic as those who take in organic and additive-free foods.

Oh, it's not that organic is bad or anything.

I thought it would be pointless to eat such foods after forcing myself or putting up with them.

If you have to endure it every time you eat, it's just stressful, isn't it?

I seriously believe that sickness comes from the mind, so I'd rather gobble up something I really want to eat than endure it.

I eat organic, healthy food, and it actually tastes good!!! It's great! I'll be happy if I can think that it's a good idea.

But, you know, some of them are like, "The taste is subtle... but this is additive-free, so it's okay." It's not healthy to go back and force yourself to eat something that doesn't suit your palate but is good for your body.

I have read many books and watched YouTube, and when I looked back at my body and my diet, I realized that a stress-free diet is the most important thing.

That's what I was talking about. I've written a lot about stress on this blog, so if you'd like to know more, please do a search for "stress" in this blog.

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